Aesus Packaging Systems is a trusted partner for innovative packaging machinery solutions in the manufacturing industry. With the company’s extensive experience of since 1995, they are industry leaders in delivering cutting-edge technology and exceptional service.

Interview with Andreas Pollmueller, Marketing DirectorMarketing Director at Aesus Packaging Systems.

Easy Engineering: Price: tell us something about the costs from a ROI perspective?

Andreas Pollmueller:’s automated packaging machines are designed to deliver a strong return on investment (ROI) by improving production efficiency, reducing labor costs, and minimizing waste. The packaging machines are built for longevity, ensuring that the initial investment continues to pay off for many years, contributing to a positive ROI.

E.E: What about the costs for maintenance / future upgrades etc.

A.P: Aesus offers comprehensive aftermarket support through their AesusCare program, which includes parts and field service for all packaging machines regardless of age, location, or condition. Maintenance packages are available to keep machines running smoothly. The modular designs allow for easy upgrades and scalability, enabling equipment to grow with business needs without significant additional investments.

E.E: Quality: tell us something about the quality behind your products / solutions.

A.P: Quality is a core focus for Aesus. Their automated packaging machines are crafted with precision engineering and high-quality materials, ensuring robust performance and longevity. Each machine undergoes rigorous testing and quality control. The use of advanced technologies like servo-controlled drive systems, stainless steel construction, and patented components underscores their commitment to quality and durability.

E.E: Characteristics: what important features should clients search and what features do your products / solutions offer?

A.P: Key features clients should look for in Aesus products include:

  • High-speed operation (up to 300 bottles per minute for some models);
  • Precision control systems with servo-driven filling heads;
  • User-friendly interfaces with HMI touch screens and recipe management;
  • Versatile designs accommodating various container sizes and liquid products;
  • Automation capabilities;
  • Adaptability to different products and packaging types.

E.E: Functionality: tell us something about ease of use, integration with other solutions or other innovative features of your products / solutions?

A.P: Aesus packaging machines offer ease of use and integration capabilities:

  • Intuitive touch-screen controls for simple operation and adjustments;
  • Compatibility with other packaging and automation systems;
  • Innovative features like automated cleaning systems and tool-free changeovers;
  • Real-time monitoring and reporting capabilities;
  • PLC controllers with touch screen interfaces;
  • Recipe management systems for quick product changeovers.

E.E: Comparison: what key features do your products / solutions have compared to others on the market?

A.P: While direct comparisons to competitors are limited, Aesus emphasizes:

  • Superior build quality and reliability, reducing total cost of ownership;
  • Advanced technology integration for higher precision and efficiency;
  • Customization options to tailor machinery to specific needs;
  • Strong support network;
  • Patented technologies, such as their sanitary gear pump and innovative unscrambler designs.

E.E: Feedback: what was the feedback from clients about your products / solutions?

A.P: Aesus’s longevity in the industry since 2003 and their presence at packaging equipment shows report that clients praise the performance, reliability, ease of use, and productivity gains achieved with their machines.

E.E: Are there any “buy-back”, upgrades or other opportunities available?

A.P: Aesus offers various programs to support clients’ evolving needs. They provide flexible financing options to facilitate investment in the latest automated packaging technology. Their ongoing support and maintenance packages may include upgrade opportunities.

E.E: What purchasing advice do you have for clients in your fields of activity?

A.P: When considering packaging machinery, clients should:

  • Assess current and future production needs for scalability;
  • Evaluate total cost of ownership, including maintenance and potential upgrades;
  • Look for manufacturers with strong reputations for quality and customer support;
  • Consider ease of integration with existing systems and required operator training;
  • Seek out testimonials and case studies from similar industries;
  • Focus on factors like automation, efficiency, and sustainability.

E.E: Contact Aesus’s engineering team for demonstrations and consultations to find the best solution for specific needs

A.P: By considering these factors, clients can make informed decisions that will benefit their operations in the long term. Aesus is committed to providing automated packaging machines that meet clients’ needs and help them achieve their business goals.

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