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Caco America has as mission to develop the most efficient, reliable, and comfortable personal protective equipment. And based on that, the company has designed, developed, and manufactured a wide category of ppe products. 

Their products range from head protection all the way down to kneepads and the categories include, protective eyewear, hearing protection, protective clothing, hand protection, ergonomics, and head protection. The protective eyewear category covers safety glasses and safety goggles. The hearing protection category covers protective earmuffs and protective earplugs. In the protective clothing category there are safety vests, hi-vis athletic t-shirts, and protective coveralls. The hand protection category covers general purpose gloves, cut resistant gloves, impact resistant gloves, leather gloves, mechanics gloves, and nitrile disposable gloves. In the ergonomics category there are back supports and knee pads. And last but not least, the head protection category covers hardhats and safety helmets.

One of Caco America’s most innovative products developed until today is the type I safety helmet. The GH400 type I safety helmet won the best in show in the NSC convention in 2022 because of its heat dissipation capabilities. The company managed to reduce the heat index inside the safety helmet by 6.07 ºC / 10.92 ºF in comparison to other type 1 helmets on the market. And they accomplished that in collaboration with Koroyd, which is the impact absorbing technology they use instead of the traditional eps foam. 

Another innovative product the company developed is the cut and impact resistant glove. The special feature of these glove series is the design of the impact resistant TPR material. The design reduces the energy needed from the user to close the hand. In other words, their patent pending design improves the dexterity of the gloves, improving comfortability and efficiency without compromising on safety.

Caco America’s best products and solutions work by getting to the root of the problem. They don’t just create a safety helmet that absorbs impacts and saves your life. They created a safety helmet that besides saving your life, is very light weigh at only 422 grams, and it reduces the heat index and heat stress to a minimum. The result is a safer and more comfortable workspace. The GH400 enables the user to feel more comfortable during work, enhancing performance and lowering the need to take the helmet off during breaks, preventing unnecessary risks and accidents. 

Personal protective equipment can be used in almost any physical activity. It depends in whether the activity is a very demanding task, if its new to you, or maybe you just want to be safe and comfortable. You can use the products for warehousing, assembly, to paint, wash a car, work on a coal mine, in construction, and much more. 

Innovation is the most important thing for any field. Of course, there are some fields where the product is so good and simple there is no other way to improve it, but on most cases, there is always something to improve. Innovation is imperative to the survival of most businesses. In this field, if the company does not innovate and offer new and better solutions, they don’t get notice by the market, and it’s harder for people to switch from their current supplier to Caco America’s. It is also very important for the company to do the correct research for each innovation. It’s vital that all their testing data is accurate and correct because that is what proves that their products protect the people and safe human lives and that they are ready for use.

Most of their products and solutions improve the user experience in comparison with the market. By having a better experience while using the product, people tend to be more comfortable, resulting in a more efficient performance. This means the task may be completed sooner, so the user can accomplish more tasks during the same amount of time. For example, let’s say there is a construction project on a highway, and the road crew has to reinforce one section of the safety fence. The section is 7 miles long. The weather is so hot that the crew has to take a 10-minute break every hour. With the high vis athletic shirts, that have UPF 40+ protection and are made of breathable mesh that wicks away moisture, the road crew may be able to work for more consecutive hours without needing a break, resulting in completing the work earlier, which means higher profitability. 

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