Finland based Cajo Technologies provides market-leading laser marking solutions for industrial traceability and product marking purposes. Company’s solutions are highly optimized for industrial production processes to meet the ever-growing demand of high reliability, quality, and production effectiveness. Cajo’s solutions add value by replacing traditional marking methods, such as inkjets, with a very short payback period. Company’s own software and patented technology enable extremely precise and durable markings on almost any material quickly and cost-effectively. COVID-19 pandemic has not affected detrimentally on company’s intentions to expand to the international market. However, the pandemic caused a delay in executing the plan. Even so the company knows that there is space for Cajo’s marking devices and will pursue to fill that.

In some ways the terrible outbreak of the virus affected the company, which for example had to be able to respond to explosively growing demand on coronavirus test kits. Those essential test require traceability markings which is specialty of Cajo Technologies.

COVID-19 increased the need for medical traceability

The World Health Organization has highlighted the rapidly growing importance of traceability in the medical industry and will provide guidance on progressively developing workable traceability regulation. The growing importance of traceability have opened the track for integrable markers. Cajo Technologies has answered to this by giving special attention to the usability of laser marking equipment from the perspectives of software development and the electronic and mechanical integrability.

Cajo´s latest addition to the product range is Cajo TailorPlus™, a fiber laser marker that can be integrated to a production line or to a device. This laser marker has been designed to replace the traditional marking methods, such as ink jets and it allows stationary or high speed on-the-fly marking without computer. Cajo TailorPlus™ is suitable for permanent marking of products and semi-products made of, for example, metals, plastics or coated plastics and metals. The Advanced model has wider adjustment possibilities, which enables marking of challenging materials such as soft polymers and light reflecting metals.

Cajo´s laser marking equipment comes along with easy-to-use marking software CajoSuite. It makes the editing and customization of marking content easy and flexible. One can add variable marking information such as logos, serial numbers, barcodes, QR codes, data matrices and other product information. With the software, Cajo´s laser marking system can be connected to customers’ existing production and automation systems.

Remote control is the new standard

As a growth-minded company with strong global intention, Cajo had to rapidly adapt to the unfamiliar situation forced by the pandemic. As we all know, COVID-19 cancelled or post-poned every appointed exhibitions and customer meetings for a long period of time. Still, the company had to maintain sales and support activities running and that meant many operations were transferred to the virtual world. Luckily, modern-day technology provides excellent ability to keep device trainings and introductions, as well as machine and software demonstrations at the virtual environment. Technically company quickly developed a show room where all virtual demos and webinars were (and are) held. Maintaining customer relationships and giving device trainings without needing to travel around the globe gives more time for each customer.

As this method of keeping virtual demonstrations and trainings has proven to be great new standard, Cajo aims to maximize show room creative potential to continue serving its customers beneficially in the future as well. The company will focus more and more to transfer sales and meetings online. This allows customers to book online consultation or demonstration even at short notice. If customer wants to see their own products being used in test marking demonstrations, they can send their material samples to Cajo. That gives the customer an excellent chance to see how the laser marking could work with their material and with their requirements.

Another impact of the virus was working remotely. Cajo wanted to provide as high-quality conditions for working from home as possible. To maintain efficiency, some testing devices were possible to temporarily relocate at home. In this way the necessary testing and product development was performed without any unwanted pauses.

Are you seeking more information about the usability of laser marking in different applications? Do not hesitate to contact Cajo Technologies team!

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