CAM attachments is well known for its extensive knowledge, high-quality standards and unmatched reliability. Our products have gained huge popularity in European countries like Italy, France, the UK, Portugal, Poland, Romania, the Czech Republic, Germany, Spain and Belgium. The attachments are sold in 80 countries around the world, so you are guaranteed to get your hands on the best attachments on the market!

Dedication to quality and reliability

You will only find attachments that are up to their task at CAM attachments. How can we claim this so confidently? We are very thorough when it comes to adopting market and product innovation in our lineup. Products undergo testing and are only sold when we can ensure the product’s performance, durability and – subsequently – the customer’s satisfaction. Because of this dedication, certain CAM attachments have been in use for 10-15 years.

New product

The newest kid in town is our intelligent appliance clamp. Our HEXA clamps with single articulating pads come with the HEX control system, so you never have to waste time figuring out how tight the clamps should grip. The control system detects the size of the load and automatically selects the most appropriate clamping strength. This makes handling packages quick and easy, and reduces the risk of damage.

Product range

The new appliance clamp is just one of the many clamps that we can offer. Depending on what kind of clamp you need, we can offer bale clamps, carton clamps, white goods and appliance clamps and much more. Have a look on our website or reach out to us; we are happy to help you find the perfect handling solution.

Market, trends & future

We notice a boost in the logistics market. It started in 2020, just before the COVID pandemic. We estimate that this market will continue to grow in the coming years. The logistics market is very interesting for us: the companies are faced with new challenges and we – as an attachments company – are able to support these companies in finding an efficientsolution for their logistics needs.

A strong partnership put into words

Over the years we have realised successful collaborations with many different companies. For some, CAM attachments was but a name without meaning. That was until they tried our products and found out they were getting the best bang for their buck. Don’t just take it from us, our customers are happy to voice their opinion.

Dagon is an authorised dealer of Unicarriers in Poland. They sell both new and second-hand forklifts and specialise in both warranty and post-warranty service, offering a full range of spare parts and attachments for forklifts. For several years they have relied on CAM attachments when it comes to good quality and trustworthy attachments. “Reliable partners are key to winning the trust of our customers”, says Krzysztof Miernik from Dagon Wózki Widłowe s.c.

Reliable partner

Krzysztof continues: “CAM attachments is a well-known brand among our customers, and it is distributed by TVH. In the past we worked together with TVH for spare parts, so we also had confidence in this collaboration. We have currently been buying attachments from CAM attachments for several years and we never had any doubts or second thoughts about this attachment brand.”

Sideshifters and fork positioners

“We mainly buy fork positioners and sideshifters. In all the years we have been working with the brand, we have never had complaints or troubles. Thanks to the good quality of the products, we don’t waste any time on repairs. We have good contacts with the CAM attachments team and all the requested information and advice is provided very quickly. It gives me confidence knowing that I can deliver high-quality attachments to my customers.”

“We don’t waste any time on repairs thanks to CAM attachments”

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Source: Monika Szaflarska – Sales Development Agent hydraulic attachments for Eastern Europe

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