In the world of manufacturing, precision is key. And that’s where CAM-TOOL CAD/CAM software comes in. With its ability to create points directly on surfaces and its wide range of toolpaths, CAM-TOOL is one of the most advanced and accurate CAM software on the market.

What sets CAM-TOOL apart from its competition is its innovative approach to machining. Unlike other software that uses a triangulation mesh, CAM-TOOL generates points directly on surfaces, resulting in greater accuracy and a superior surface finish. This means longer tool life, the ability to use smaller tools, and reduced spotting and hand-working time.

And that’s not all. CAM-TOOL is one of the few CAM software’s that checks machine collisions to the actual stock model, providing an extra layer of safety. It also allows multiple calculations to occur simultaneously and can be run over a network, making large projects a breeze to complete.

As one of the largest CAD/CAM software in the Asian market, CAM-TOOL is backed by a strong technical support team dedicated to updating and improving the software. And unlike other companies, CAM-TOOL does not charge for post processors, providing more value for your investment.

2022 was a good year for CAM-TOOL. The business expanded its reach in Mexico and parts of Europe, and customers continued to invest in machine automation to battle labor shortages. This year, the company will be releasing Version 19, with improvements to 5 axis machining capabilities and programming automation. The 5-axis software remains the best-selling product and is expected to continue to grow in 2023.

As they look ahead to the year, while expecting the business to slow down as customers prepare for an economic slowdown, the message to collaborators remains clear: invest in technology and automation to ease labor issues. And make sure your software is capable of meeting the needs of your business by choosing CAM-TOOL CAD/CAM software.

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