ADVANCED Motion Controls has recently completed a project for a major automotive manufacturing client who needed advanced automation in their assembly line. The goal was to integrate high precision and efficient motion control systems to enhance robotic arm functionality for assembly tasks.

Easy Engineering: What were the needs of the client?

The client required highly reliable and precise servo drives capable of continuous operation in a demanding industrial environment. They needed systems that could handle complex, multi-axis movements with minimal downtime and maintenance.

E.E: Why did the client choose your products / solutions?

The client chose our products for their proven reliability, high precision, and robust performance in harsh environments. Our servo drives are known for their advanced technology that offers superior control and integration capabilities, making them ideal for complex industrial applications.

E.E: What products / solutions were used?

We supplied a range of high-performance servo drives, specifically designed for multi-axis control systems. These included models with enhanced thermal management and vibration resistance, tailored for heavy industrial use.

E.E: Please describe how was the project implemented?

The project was implemented in several phases, starting with an initial assessment of the manufacturing line, followed by a detailed planning and design phase in collaboration with the client’s engineers. Installation involved integrating our servo drives with existing PLC systems and training onsite personnel on operation and maintenance.

E.E: Were there any products with special characteristics used?

Yes, some custom servo drives were developed specifically for this project, featuring extended temperature ranges and increased resistance to electromagnetic interference, ensuring reliable operation near other heavy industrial machinery.

E.E: How did your products / solutions improve productivity for the client?

Our servo drives improved the speed and precision of the robotic arms, significantly reducing the cycle time for assembly operations. This resulted in a measurable increase in overall production throughput.

E.E: How important was the project / projects for the client?

This project was critical for the client as it directly impacted their production capacity and ability to meet increasing market demand. Improved efficiency also enhanced their competitive position in the automotive industry.

E.E: What was the client feedback after implementation?

The client reported high satisfaction with the upgrades, noting the marked improvement in machine performance and reduced downtime. They appreciated the custom solutions and the dedicated support provided throughout the project.

E.E: How did the solutions provided improve efficiency for the client?

The integration of our servo drives led to more precise and faster machine movements, which decreased the incidence of errors and reworks. This efficiency gain not only boosted production but also reduced waste and operational costs.

E.E: What are your forecasts for the second half of 2024?

For the second half of 2024, we anticipate a strong demand for our advanced servo drives as industries continue to embrace automation. We are expanding our R&D efforts to include AI and IoT capabilities in our products, which we expect will open new markets and drive growth.