Easy Engineering: A brief description of a project / projects.

The installation of a compressed air energy storage system in an office complex.

Our system combines the functions of a battery and a heat pump. Electricity is stored in the form of compressed air. The heat generated during compression is used for heating in winter, all year long for hot water and dehumidification of the ventilation. When needed, the air is expanded to generate electricity, and the resulting cold air is used for room cooling in summer, all year long for server cooling. This project utilizes recycled storage tanks from a decommissioned gas fuel station, giving them a second life.

For more information on how it works, please refer to our explainer video.

E.E: What were the needs of the client?

The customer aimed to reduce energy costs and enhance sustainability in the areas of electricity, heat, and cooling. Our solution helps reducing energy costs by balancing peak loads, storing excess electricity from the photovoltaic system and charging at night during off-peak times. The heat and cold is integrated into the existing infrastructure. 

E.E: Why did the client choose your products / solutions?

Our compressed air energy storage system is the most sustainable storage solution as it uses only air and water, and with the combined approach additionally provides heat and cold. The system is scalable and flexible due to the stackable tanks, which was crucial for the customer. This flexibility allows for increased storage capacity in the future by adding more tanks.

E.E: What products / solutions were used? Please describe how was the project implemented.

Integration in an existing building requires good planning. To make the integration easy, our energy storage system features standard connections for hydraulics (heat/cold), electricity, and building automation (EMS). The planning was done with the partners who did the initial plannings of the building, the on-site installation was carried out by our team, as all necessary connections were already in place. Safety features such as pressure relief valves and exhaust pipes were also included.

E.E: Were there any products with special characteristics used?

Our system uses air and water as storage media, making it 100% ecological. Unlike batteries, which have high flammability, our compressed air system is safe and meets established industry standards.

E.E: How important was the project / projects for the client?

The project was very important to the customer, as the demand for sustainability and energy independence is growing. Our system increases the consumption of on-site generated PV electricity and reduces expensive peak loads. Additionally, electricity from the grid can be shifted to cheaper off-peak times. The generated heat and cooling replace fossil fuels, significantly reducing energy costs.

E.E: What was the client feedback after implementation?

The feedback was very positive. The system operates stable and the customer has already reduced energy costs by 10%, further control optimizations are possible. Our system is expected to pay for itself within five years.

E.E: How did the solutions provided improve efficiency for the client?

The energy storage system allows for greater use of on-site generated solar power, reducing reliance on grid electricity and lowering costs. It also eases the load on heating and cooling systems, supplying them with more green electricity and enhancing the building’s sustainability.

E.E: What are your forecasts for the second half of 2024?

Given the growing need for sustainability and storage solutions for photovoltaic systems, we anticipate increased demand for our systems. We have various energy storage projects planned for 2025 and will be implementing additional projects this year with our highly efficient, oil-free compressors.

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