Reprocover is an innovative Belgian company developing and producing precast solutions for rail, road and building infrastructures, made from Reprocessed ThermoSets (RTS). In addition to the lightness and strength of their material, the company’s solutions promote the introduction of a sustainable circular economy.

Easy Engineering: What were the needs of the client?

REPROCOVER: The needs depend on the market: from a solution for industrial wastes and / or to make life easier on field. But most of the time, needs are very specific and we co-develop a tailor-made solution for the customers. We that can help them to develop a solution which is not only better, but also sustainable!

E.E: Why did the client choose your products / solutions?

REPROCOVER: Our products are tailor-made, more resistant and lighter than standard materials…and sustainable.

E.E: What products / solutions were used?

REPROCOVER: The valve protection, the level crossing, and the cable troughing are the most sold products for now.

E.E: Please describe how the project was implemented?

REPROCOVER: Usually, we present the advantages and constrains of the new material we have created, the RTS (Reprocessed ThermoSet). Once he understands the material, he usually finds the products in his range which can be substituted or replaced by ours. This is where is real work starts, because a lot of aspects are analyzed such as the costs, the design, the mechanical properties, but once the product specifications are written, the realization of a prototype and the production can be quick!

E.E: Were there any products with special characteristics used?

REPROCOVER: The products are most of the time used for protection of “something”: protection of cable in the ballast, protection of gas or water valve on the ground. Our precast solutions are most of the time used for rail, road infrastructure.

E.E: How did your products / solutions improve productivity for the client?

REPROCOVER: Because our products are developed with the client (who knows the field better), the product will be easier to install. So, it reduces the installation time and the number of workers. Moreover, if we can directly collect the waste from the client, the cost will also decrease.

E.E: How important was the project / projects for the client? What was the client feedback after implementation?

REPROCOVER: They were really happy to have the possibility to develop a tailor-made solution for their needs with Reprocover as partner.  It was also their first pleasant experience in sharing a problem and finding a solution with a reliable partner. Usually, the client gives a good feedback to the experiment and is really happy with our solutions and products!

E.E: Did the current situation made your company implement differently than usual?

REPROCOVER: Yes, we had more opportunities to have meetings with potential clients because they had more time. This was an opportunity to become more well known.

E.E: What are your forecasts for the second half of 2021?

REPROCOVER: We would like to developpe more products in order to increase our production and to increase the revalorization of waste that are not recycled yet!