One of the world’s largest producers of jet engines decided to modernize their casting furnace, which was manufactured and supplied by Retech 20 years ago – Retech is currently a company belonging to the SECO/WARWICK Group.

The VIM furnace begins a second life

This partner has two casting units supplied two decades ago by RETECH.  The modernization project was for the VIM EQ – a system for the production of castings in equiaxed crystallization. It will involve replacing almost all the furnace components except the power supply, melting chambers and mold. The platforms will also remain unchanged. The remaining components will be replaced with more modern, ergonomic, and user-friendly parts and assemblies. 

“This order shows RETECH’s historical continuity. Our furnaces have been operating in enterprises around the world for decades. We are fully responsible for them and are always ready to modernize or service them,” said Earl Good, Managing Director of RETECH. “We have extensive operational capabilities, service available all over the world, and experience counted in decades (this year Retech celebrated its 60th birthday).  This knowledge has accumulated over the years, which provides us with the necessary insight to effectively modernize older furnaces. Good quality solutions ensure the long life of these complex solutions, and modernization is another step towards their longevity,” added E. Good.  

The first furnace modernization has a chance to open a new chapter in RETECH’s cooperation with this Partner.  

“This order includes the complete elimination of hydraulic components by replacing them with electrical components such as an elevator drive or crucible rotation drive. In addition, two old feeders: one for loading crucibles, the other for removing disposable crucibles, will be replaced with a modern system that can perform both activities. An additional advantage of the operation will be the fact that the furnace operator will not have to come into physical contact with hot used crucibles, because they will be removed automatically without human intervention,” said Sławomir Tomaszewski, SECO/WARWICK’s Vacuum Melting Team Director. 

There are no hydraulics in modern melting furnaces

After modernization, the furnace will not include hydraulic elements. This will ensure the furnace system’s operational cleanliness and will facilitate servicing. The furnace will not require activities such as checking the condition of the oil, replacing it, or removing troublesome leaks. The VIM furnace will also be equipped with a modern control system, which will be integrated with the Partner’s superior systems and will enable data exchange.   

Old equipment operating in commercial heat-treating plants and foundries can be effectively modernized. The SECO/WARWICK Group proves that even furnaces which are several dozen years old can be adapted to modern production needs. Thanks to such modernizations, customers are able to plan production in the long term without worrying that one day the equipment will fail.