The new Cat® 336F L/LN XE Hybrid stands in a class all its own with fuel efficient hybrid technology and a full suite of Cat Connect technologies to boost productivity and increase jobsite efficiency. The 336F L/LN XE Hybrid, replacing the 336E L/LN H Hybrid, features a Cat C9.3 ACERT™ engine that meets EU Stage IV emission standards and an integrated design that conserves fuel, optimizes performance, and captures and reuses energy. The new Hybrid delivers estimated fuel savings of up to 20 percent (compared with standard 336F L/LN) and up to 25 percent (compared with previous standard 336E L/LN ) with no compromise in performance nor added maintenance costs.

An industry-first for excavators, the 336F L/LN XE hybrid comes equipped with the brand new fully integrated Cat Production Measurement payload system that enables operators to weigh loads on-the-go and confidently deliver exact truck loads, while allowing managers to monitor productivity.

Powerful engine

Rated at 320 metric horsepower (235 kW) and designed to operate efficiently on bio-diesel blends up to B20, the fuel efficient C9.3 ACERT engine uses a diesel particulate filter along with an exhaust aftertreatement that does not interrupt work cycles or require operator intervention. For further fuel savings, the operator can reduce engine speed to idle with the touch of a button, an automatic engine idle shutdown feature stops the engine after a pre-set idling interval, and an economy power mode adjusts the engine for optimum fuel efficiency.

Hybrid’s efficient hydraulic systems

The 336F L/LN XE’s Electronic Standardized Programmable pump saves significant fuel by integrating the machine’s power sources and matching engine performance to the load encountered. Complementing the pump’s design, the Cat Adaptive Control System valve optimizes hydraulic performance by intelligently managing restriction and flow, seamlessly controlling machine motion and providing hydraulic power precisely where and when required.

The key to the Hybrid’s efficient performance is the Cat Swing Energy Recovery (SER) valve, which captures kinetic energy during swing deceleration by storing normally wasted hydraulic flow from the swing motor in high-pressure accumulators, then releasing this stored energy to assist swing acceleration. The result is reduced load on the hydraulic pumps and a subsequent, significant reduction in fuel consumption.

Ample hydraulic flow in the 336F L/LN XE’s implement circuits and a high main relief pressure generate the power to handle a range of buckets and work tools, including shears, multi-processors, hydraulic breakers, and rippers.


Operator environment

The roll-over-protective-structure (ROPS) cab is spacious and quiet with large glass areas for all-around visibility. Positive air filtration pressurizes the cabin to keep out dust, and height-adjustable joystick consoles, large color monitor, and an available air-suspension/heated/ cooled seat ensure operator comfort and productivity. For enhanced safety, the 336F L/LN XE’s standard equipment includes time-delay working lights and a rearview camera.

Durable structures

Undercarriage choices for the new model include the heavy-duty long (L) and long/narrow (LN) configurations. Massive frames and Heavy Duty counterweight combine to form an exceptionally strong, stable work platform for digging, lifting, and attachment use.

The heavy-duty (HD), 6.5-m reach boom and two stick options, 3.2 m and 2.8 m, provide excellent all-around versatility for general excavation work, such as multipurpose digging and loading.

Technology enhancements

In order to realize maximum return on investment, equipment owners must employ machines to full potential—producing more in less time, using less fuel, avoiding unnecessary machine wear, and ensuring safety on the job site. Cat Connect assists customers in attaining these goals by capitalizing on Caterpillar technology and Cat dealer services.