Application - CPS 2.0


International construction equipment manufacturer Chicago Pneumatic has launched two new tough and highly versatile mid-sized portable air compressors with adjustable pressure settings. The CPS 11-10 can be set at either 7 or 10 bar, while the CPS11-14 can be set at a pressure of 12 or 14 bar.

Manu Claes, spokesperson for portable compressors said: “Thanks to the simple to use Control Pressure system our new portable compressors offer a high level of versatility. In essence operators get the benefits of two machines in one package. All they have to do is dial up the pressure and the compressor will do the rest.”

The CPS 11-10 and CPS 11-14 are Chicago Pneumatic’s toughest mid-sized portable air compressors to date. Both models have been tested in field conditions to withstand harsh working environments, and feature a three layer protection coating (corrosive category C3) of all bodywork. This prevents corrosion and ensures performance over time, meaning the compressors are ready for whatever the elements can throw at them.

Both models are towable and mounted on a single axle. This combined with their lightweight and compact design, makes the portable compressors incredibly easy to move both on and between work sites.

Built for ease of use, the CPS 11-10 and CPS 11-14 require very little maintenance, and only need an oil service every 1000 hours or once per year. They are also equipped with John Deere engines that offer reliability and improved fuel consumption.