Chemicals and disinfectants had a negative effect on the biological water treatment plant of a poultry slaughterhouse. The treatment efficiency has been increased by applying two MicroCat® products from QM Environmental International. “The fluctuations are gone and the pollution levels in the effluent remain below the discharge limit.”

At poultry slaughterhouse C. van Miert in Breukelen (Utrecht, The Netherlands), poultry is slaughtered and divided for onward delivery and further processing. Han Ladiges, head of technical services, has been working for the Breukelen branch for over 25 years. For the past four years he has also been focusing intensively on the functioning of the biological wastewater treatment plant. “Proper purification of the waste water is a necessity. I already had the necessary experience with the treatment plant, but I thought it was important to delve into it even more. ”

During the process, C. van Miert uses a few hundred cubic meters of water per day. The majority is spring water that the company pumps up itself. The rest is tap water. “We use the water at different times in the process,” says Ladiges. Part is used in the slaughtering process, but a considerable amount of water is also used for cleaning. “During evening cleaning, we use chemicals and disinfectants to ensure that everything is clean again the next morning – an essential part of the strict hygiene standards at Van Miert,” says Ladiges. Through various steps, the waste water enters the biological water treatment plant from where it is discharged into the municipal sewer.


A few years ago, Ladiges saw fluctuations in the quality of the effluent. These were caused by more intensive use of chemicals and disinfectants in the poultry slaughterhouse. Its use had a negative impact on the bacteria of the biological wastewater treatment plant. Ladiges: “We discharge a fair amount of waste water into the municipal sewer and we feel that way responsible for discharging a wastewater stream that is as clean as possible. That is why we started looking for a solution.” Via the Aqua Nederland trade fair in Gorinchem, we came into contact with director and biotechnologist Robert Wagenveld of QM Environmental International. The company specializes in environmental (bio)technology and offers integrated solutions for environmental problems in soil, water and air. Since its foundation in 2000, the company has realized solutions for hundreds of environmental issues in the field of industrial wastewater treatment (see box).

Stable purification

After consultation and visits to the poultry slaughterhouse, the solution was found. Initially, MicroCat-SXMRF was applied. This is a QM product to break down fat and proteins, components that are often present in waste water from slaughterhouses. In addition, the company uses the product MicroCat-HX to neutralize the effects of the cleaning and disinfection chemicals. MicroCat products (short for Microbial Catalyst) are mixtures of safe, natural ingredients including microorganisms (bacteria and fungi), enzymes, surfactants, nutrients, adsorbents and buffers in dry powder form or in water-based suspensions.

Ladiges is very satisfied with the results. “From the beginning it was a pleasant cooperation. The contact went smoothly and a solution was actively considered. As a result, we now have a stable biological wastewater treatment plant. The fluctuations we saw before are gone. By adding MicroCat, the effect gets a boost and the purification functions optimally again. The pollution units are well below the limit in the wastewater.”

Environmental International; specialist in environmental biotechnology and chemical solutions to environmental problems in soil, water and air.

QM Environmental International specializes in environmental biotechnological and chemical solutions for environmental problems in soil, water and air. “We are active throughout Europe to realize solutions in the field of environmental issues,” says director and biotechnologist Robert Wagenveld. QM Environmental International provides a broad range of solutions that are the result of decades of research and development in environmental biotechnology and Chemical technology. This research has resulted in a range of solutions that make it possible to realize accelerated removal of contaminants in wastewater, soil and groundwater, surface waters, sludge/slurry and air. Wagenveld: “We opt for the most environmentally friendly solution when customers present us with a problem. For example, when developing solutions to problems at our customers, we look at the environmental and economic return that this solution delivers. We also compare it with alternatives. The final solution or application is a combination of cost effectiveness and environmental efficiency. Since our establishment in 2000, we have provided solutions in Europe with QM Environmental International to many clients in the field of waste water treatment, sewer cleaning, deodorization of waste and sewerage systems, in the field of biological soil and groundwater remediation, but also to catering companies with clogged drains and grease traps. It is our aim to collaborate with our clients in solving their environmental issues. We can rely on high-quality products and on our experience of more than 23 years.”