Clean Air Europe is an Italian manufacturer of filter cages operating worldwide for over 60 years. Their core business has always been the process of wire for the production of goods in different sectors. 

Today, the company exports on average sixty percent of the entire production, constantly bringing innovation in industrial air filtration with a wide variety of solutions to guarantee the highest product quality and extremely accurate service. 

The staff of the office is available to follow customer requests, design, and check the quality specifications of our cages. 

Clear Air produces every single component in their eight thousand square meter factory, equipped with automatic lines for product assembly. 

Clear Air manages storage in their large logistics hub

Wire, sheet metal, and wood; starting from these recyclable raw materials, their production cycle is divided into several phases: the ring machine gives the shape to the wire that is previously cut by the wire straightening machine. 

After the fully automated assembly, the product is then finished by the Eco Atex coating system, an exclusive cataphoresis treatment with low environmental impact, an electrodeposition treatment that gives Clear Air’s cages greater safety in use, less environmental impact with waste reduction, and longer service life. 

In line with today’s most stringent dictates of an environmentally friendly economy. 

At the end of production, the company creates the most suitable packaging for the needs of individual customers inside, always in recyclable materials. 

Clear Air firmly believes in insourcing, an internal production process, which from start to finish allows them to work faster, more efficiently, and with greater results for customers.