COMI thermoforming machines have been world leaders in the household appliances’ industry for 50 years with a long list of top references such as Electrolux, Haier, Bosh, Whirlcare, Whirlpool and many others. 

The company has specialized over the years in many other sectors through some corporate acquisitions, including Amut Comi, a company specialized in the thermoforming industry for packaging.

COMI thermoforming machines produce many items in different sectors: household appliances, industrial, marine, packaging, agricultural products, pharmaceuticals, consumer goods, as well durable parts for end use such as aircraft components, handling equipment of materials, automobile interiors and medical equipment. 

What is the greatest strength of COMI machines? Their high level of customization and engineering.


COMI has implemented new innovative technologies and patents, with particular attention to industry 4.0 through the use of the latest generation Siemens HMI software that allows our customers to detect anomalies in production and fix them without stopping the cycle. The software is user-friendly but with advanced integrations to external systems (MES / ERP) and equipped with digitized systems such as cloud computing, edge computing and augmented reality.

Specifically,WINCC UNIFIED SYSTEM technology also allows non-IT personnel to customize the user interface according to their specific needs without needing external support and simplifying its operation.

The digitization of our machines offers a smarter, more innovative and easier to use product. Among the features implemented, there is an automatic parameterization based on the characteristics of the product, automatic diagnosis and identification of the failure causes.

Main benefits:

  • increase in operational efficiency
  • reduction of machines’ downtime
  • machines’ user-friendliness
  • better use of resources
  • reduction of waste