RAISER MOON is a company that produces research and development to bring chemical breakthroughs to the production flow of such companies. They are working with the philosophy of aiming at a narrower field and causing great innovation.

Interview with Tatsuhiro Nemoto, Director of RAISER MOON Co., Ltd.

Easy Engineering: Tell us a short story of origin of the company.

Tatsuhiro Nemoto: RAISER MOON is working on technological innovation and research and development in the field of chemistry that no one has yet touched.

Ready-made products often cannot meet the detailed demands of users, I have come to believe that if we approach research and development from a slightly different perspective, we will be able to create technologies that make the impossible possible. Therefore, we established RAISER MOON Co., Ltd. by arranging members with the same idea.

E.E: Which are the fields of activity where you are operating?

T.N: Mainly chemical product innovation and research and development.

E.E: Which are the most significant projects in the history of the company?

T.N: Support material removal technology for 3D printers.

The 3D printer comes with a “support material” that must be removed after completion in the molding process.

In some fields, it takes a lot of time and human intervention to remove this support material.

We would like to thank everyone who visited our booth at formnext2022 held in Germany last year.

We would like to inform you that preparations for overseas sales of “EXTRIPPER” are progressing smoothly.

E.E: What projects were the most challenging?

T.N: During the development of chemical fibers, we had a hard time mass-producing them with machinery.

E.E: What are the ranges of products and what types of services do you offer?

T.N: We provide “technology that does not yet exist in the world” mainly for chemical products.

Our motto is technical services that can be “environmentally friendly”, “recyclable” and “shorter in time” than conventional methods.

E.E: Which are the most innovative products / services and what special features do they have?

T.N: The above-mentioned “3D printer support material remover / EXTRIPPER”.

Conventional cleaning methods require a lot of time and manpower to remove the “support material”.

EXTRIPPER can remove the support material from small holes without human intervention. We also consider the environment.

E.E: What was the research behind the products/solutions and how important is R&D?

T.N: It is to notice the blind spots in the process of making industrial products.

It is difficult for the industry to move away from chemical substances, but the results are excellent and we give top priority to research and development.

E.E: What products / solutions are you going to launch in the future?

T.N: In another field, we are working on research and development of industrial chemical products that can be recycled and reused.

For example, we are starting to use 3D printer remover for trade and transportation business. In addition, cleaning technology products that can replace harmful industrial cleaning agents will be completed.

E.E: How important are the after-sales services?

T.N: Regarding cleaning, there are cases where the support material cannot be completely removed depending on the shape and conditions of the parts. At that time, as a cleaning professional, we provide after-sales follow-up to solve the problem.

E.E: Tell us about social responsibility and what part does it play in the company?

T.N: First, do not cause environmental destruction due to chemical substances.

“We try not to produce waste that is difficult to dispose of.”