At CTP, Costex sells quality replacement parts for Caterpillar and Komatsu. The company takes quality seriously, that is why they have implemented a three-stage development system to ensure maximum reliability, while guaranteeing proper fit. The first stage starts early on product development when Costex makes sure all their parts drawings reflect the characteristics required to proper manufacture them; Including special processes as coating, welding, and heat treatment.

ABC Gasket Kit Program:

The company developed an ABC Program for the mechanic, so they can easily find any engine repair kit they need for Caterpillar applications. Costex carries thousands of these numbers. The mechanic just needs to search by engine model, serial, and arrangement number using our booklet or simply going online to and they will find all the gaskets they need. A= Out Of frame Repair Kit . B= In Frame Repair Kit, C= Cylinder head Repair Kit.

Terminal Kits

The company offers The Deutsch™ HD (Heavy Duty) Connector series, developed with the heavy-duty equipment and off highway industry in mind. HD Series connectors are a thermoplastic cylindrical coupling that offers arrangements from 3 to 9 cavities for heavy-duty applications. These connectors are easy to install, environmentally sealed and compact in size. They are a simple, field serviceable alternative to a repair splice. The simplicity of the HD Series Connectors help reduce assembly difficulty, maintenance time, and are built to meet industry standards to provide sustainability in demanding environments.


Excavator Couplings for the Hydraulic System

Asemblies are manufactured with the highest quality thermoplastic polyester as well as high temperature rubber (HTR), that are highly resistant to extreme temperatures, chemicals and solvents. Both materials have excellent properties for transferring and absorbing shock load and reducing wear on equipment.

Water Pumps

Water pumps come with a stainless steel shaft to increase longevity, come packed in foam to ensure preservation of the product, impellers are all balanced to improve pump performance, and they come with a better casting finish that increases pump performance and durability.