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ANT Solutions is a comprehensive provider of IT solutions for manufacturing plants. The company is characterized by the expert and individual approach to each project with the aim of increasing production efficiency. They implement a ready-made system along with the connection of machines and devices, adapting it to the unique configuration of each factory to ensure the ability to monitor all stages of the production process for increased efficiency.

Interview with Sebastian Kasza, New Business Development Manager at ANT Solutions.

Easy Engineering: Which are the most futuristic products / solutions from your portfolio?

Sebastian Kasza: ANT Solutions’ most futuristic products are those that help manufacturers to achieve Industry 4.0 goals, such as:

  • The Smart Machine solution, which uses sensors and machine learning to monitor and optimize the performance of individual machines.
  • The Energy Management System (EMS), which helps manufacturers to reduce their energy consumption and costs.
  • The Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) system, which helps manufacturers to optimize their production schedules.

These products are all based on the latest technologies, such as big data, machine learning, and cloud computing. They have the potential to revolutionize the way that manufacturers operate, making them more efficient, productive, and sustainable.

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E.E: Tell us about the company’s long-term goals / prospects?

S.K: ANT Solutions’ long-term goals are to become a leading provider of Industry 4.0 solutions for manufacturers around the world. The company plans to achieve this by continuing to innovate and develop new products and services. ANT Solutions also plans to expand its global reach, opening new offices in key markets.

E.E: Tell us about product innovation and how does it will impact the future?

S.K: Product innovation is essential for ANT Solutions to remain competitive in the future. The company is constantly developing new products and services that meet the changing needs of manufacturers in FMCG, Pharma and Automotive industries. ANT Solutions’ products are based on the latest technologies such as microservices and containers, which gives them a competitive edge.

Product innovation also helps ANT Solutions to shape the future of manufacturing. The company’s products are helping manufacturers to adopt new technologies and practices, which are making manufacturing more efficient, productive, and sustainable.

E.E: What’s moving your company forward?

S.K: ANT Solutions is driven by a passion for innovation and a commitment to helping manufacturers to improve production. We take up every challenge and implement our approach to deliver the project flawlessly. The company is also supported by a talented team of employees who are dedicated to making ANT Solutions a success.

E.E: How do employees shape your company’s future?

S.K: ANT Solutions’ employees are the company’s most valuable asset. They are the ones who develop and deliver the company’s products and services. By hiring the right staff, we make sure that ANT Solutions’ products are developed in top technologies.

E.E: How does digital transformation affect your products / business?

S.K: ANT Solution leads the way in a digital transformation for other manufacturing companies. However, the digital transformation is having a profound impact on ANT Solutions’ products and business as well. The company is increasingly using digital technologies, such as big data, machine learning, and cloud computing, to develop new products and services. Digital technologies are also helping ANT Solutions to improve its customer service and support as well as internal workflow. 

E.E: Tell us about research and development in your company.

S.K: ANT Solutions invests heavily in research and development. The company has a dedicated team of researchers and developers who are constantly working on new products and services. ANT Solutions’ research and development efforts are helping the company to stay ahead of the curve and maintain its competitive edge.

E.E: Tell us about the company’s future strategies and how you will adapt to the future.

S.K: ANT Solutions’ future strategies are focused on innovation, growth, and expansion. Especially in Pharma and FMCG fields. As part of a bigger group (BBS Automation), the company plans to continue to develop new products and services and expand its global reach by strengthening activities in European and Chinese markets. ANT Solutions is also committed to adapting to the future by embracing new technologies and trends.

E.E: How do you think the future will look like in your field of activity?

S.K: The future of manufacturing is going to be increasingly digital. Manufacturers will use digital technologies to automate their operations, improve their efficiency, and connect with their customers. ANT Solutions is well-positioned to help manufacturers succeed in the digital age.

The top trends which are shaping the future of manufacturing are:

  • Cloud manufacturing
  • Microservices
  • Edge devices
  • AI-driven data processing