Instalo BG has years of experience in the subcontracting and fabrication of metal components/parts and complete products.  As a subcontractor, they work mainly for export to Austria, Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Belgium, Slovenia, UK, Poland etc.. The company offers subcontracting services for sheet metal fabrication as follows: Laser cutting, Plasma cutting, Bending, Welding, Turning and milling, Drilling, CNC machining, Surface treatment – powder, wet, KTL coating, galvanizing and assembly.

Instalo’s experience spreads in recycling industry, construction, machine building, packing industry and agriculture. Their portfolio includes also manufacturing of own range of machines as well – equipment for water treatment like screens, conveyors, classifiers, thickeners, etc.

Easy Engineering: Which are the most futuristic products / solutions from your portfolio?

Instalo BG: We are proud to announce you, that we are EN 1090-1, EN ISO 3834-2 and ISO 9001 certified. EN 1090-1, EN ISO 3834-2, and ISO 9001 certifications are important milestones that showcase our company’s dedication to maintaining high standards of quality, safety, and efficiency in the fabrication of structural steel and aluminum components. These certifications not only demonstrate our commitment to delivering reliable and safe products but also enhance our reputation and credibility in the industry.

These certifications collectively reflect our company’s commitment to adhering to high-quality manufacturing processes, which in turn can lead to increased trust from clients and partners. Additionally, these certifications might also open up opportunities for our company to engage in projects that require such high standards.

Overall, achieving these certifications is a significant accomplishment that highlights our company’s professionalism and dedication to delivering top-notch products to the market. We keep up the good work!

E.E: Tell us about the company’s long-term goals / prospects?

Instalo BG: Our long-term goals and prospects:

Market Expansion: Our company Instalo BG aims to expand our market presence by entering new geographical areas, targeting different customer segments, or diversifying their product and service offerings.

Innovation and Technology: Long-term success of Instalo BG often involves staying at the forefront of technological advancements and innovation in order to remain competitive and meet evolving customer needs.

Sustainability: Our company Instalo BG increasingly focuses on sustainable practices and environmental responsibility. 

Employee Development: Nurturing a skilled and motivated workforce is crucial for our company Instalo BG. 

Customer Experience: Our Long-term goals focus on continuous improvement in customer service, personalization, and user-friendly interactions.

Financial Growth and Stability: Our company Instalo BG often sets goals for consistent revenue growth, profitability, and maintaining financial stability even during economic fluctuations.

Partnerships and Alliances: Our Long-term goals also include establishing strategic partnerships or alliances to enhance market reach or capabilities.

Regulatory Compliance: We set long-term goals to ensure we are up to date with changing regulations and maintain a high level of compliance.

It’s important to note that each our goals are unique and tailored to our industry, competitive landscape, and strategic vision.

E.E: Tell us about product innovation and how does it impact the future?

Instalo BG: Product innovation in our company refers to the creation and development of new or improved products, services, or processes that offer unique value to customers, solve problems, or create competitive advantages in the market. It involves introducing novel ideas, technologies, and approaches to design, production, and delivery, with the goal of meeting evolving customer needs, market demands, and technological advancements. Product innovation can have a profound impact on various aspects of the future.

E.E: What’s moving your company forward?

Instalo BG: Our company Instalo BG shares some of our general insights into what drives our company forward: Innovation, Customer-Centric Approach, Talent and Human Capital, Adaptability, Technology Adoption, Strong Leadership, Market Understanding, Strategic Partnerships, Financial Management, Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility, Global Expansion, Continuous Learning

Ultimately, a combination of these factors, tailored to our specific industry contributes to moving our company forward. We try to integrate these elements into their strategies to achieve sustainable growth and remain relevant in a dynamic business environment.

E.E: How do employees shape your company’s future?

Instalo BG: Employees play a crucial role in shaping our company’s future. Their skills, dedication, creativity, and collaborative efforts contribute to the company’s success and growth. 

In summary, employees of Instalo BG are the driving force behind our company’s success and its ability to shape its future. Their skills, attitudes, and contributions impact various aspects of the business, from innovation and customer satisfaction to operational efficiency and company culture. Because of that our company prioritize employee development, engagement, and well-being are better positioned to navigate challenges, seize opportunities, and achieve long-term growth.

E.E: How does the digital transformation affect your products / business?

Instalo BG: The digital transformation profoundly impacts our products and businesses by enabling new capabilities, improving efficiency, and altering our company interacts with our customers. Embracing digital technologies in our company Instalo BG lead to growth, increased competitiveness, and the ability to navigate the rapidly evolving business landscape.

E.E: Tell us about research and development in your company. 

Instalo BG: Research and development (R&D) in our sector for metal fabrication components involves the exploration and implementation of new technologies, processes, materials, and techniques to improve and innovate in the field of metal manufacturing. Here are some key aspects of R&D in our company Instalo BG: Materials Research, Process Optimization, Design Innovation, Advanced Welding Techniques, Surface Treatment, Quality Control and Testing, Energy Efficiency, Customization and Personalization, Automation and Robotics, Sustainability Initiatives, Market Research, Collaboration and Partnerships, Regulatory Compliance, Innovative Tooling and Equipment, Prototype Development.

R&D efforts in our company lead to the creation of innovative products, improved processes, increased competitiveness, and a stronger position in the industry. These initiatives contribute to ongoing growth and adaptation to changing market demands and technological advancements.

E.E: Tell us about the company’s future strategies and how will you adapt to the future.

Instalo BG: Overall, the metal fabrication and subcontracting sector is likely to continue to evolve and face both challenges and opportunities in the coming years. Companies that can adapt to changing market conditions and leverage new technologies are likely to thrive in this competitive industry.

E.E: How do you think the future will look like in your field of activity?

Instalo BG: Overall, the future of metal fabrication and subcontracting activities will be characterized by increased automation, customization, sustainability, and digital integration. Companies that adapt to these trends and invest in technology and innovation will be well-positioned for success in a rapidly changing landscape