nuVa is redefining the way people work remotely through the next generation of virtual meeting software. Backed by doctoral research on how humans have collaborated throughout history, nuVa’s software design replicates a natural real-life meeting. With its unique understanding of human behavior, nuVa allows participants across the globe to share, collaborate and communicate freely as if they were in the same room, through an immersive shared experience.

It’s a new and unhindered way of remote working that provides transformative business benefits, and can help unlock creativity. It’s especially useful for those working on highly complex or visual collaborations. Their software is available on any size standard screens, from a 22inch laptop version for the homeworker, to a large 65” screen for the HQ.

Easy Engineering: Which are the most futuristic products / solutions from your portfolio? 

nuVa: nuVa is much more advanced than existing standard desktop meeting apps. Most would say It’s a very futuristic product- it is often compared to the futuristic tech in Minority Report!. If you imagine a real-life meeting table where everyone is sat around the table and you can freely see, write, draw and share as many documents as you want- nuVa is just like this but it’s virtual. So it’s on screens and you can work with your team just as you would in a real life meeting, no matter where in the world they’re located. There’s no screen sharing or handing over control, it’s synchronous sharing. It allows a level of highly complex and visual collaboration remotely that wasn’t possible before, as well as encouraging innovation. nuVa is designed to be used on 2 screens for the best experience, and there’s a reason for this- naturally when humans collaborate in real life we are used to viewing faces vertically, and working on things on a horizontal plane, like we do on tables. When we try to describe nuVa to people, if they haven’t seen or used it before it’s hard for people to understand what it is, because virtual meetings apps such as Teams and Zoom are what everyone is used to and they don’t know any better! When people have the opportunity to see and use nuVa up close they immediately understand the product and how it can drastically improve collaborative remote meetings.

E.E: Tell us about the company’s long-term goals / prospects?

nuVa: We want to create the most natural remote meeting experience possible- save people’s time, encourage innovation and help cut down business carbon emissions along the way.

E.E: Tell us about product innovation and how does it impact the future?

nuVa: The product provides a platform for complex engineering projects right now. The fact is that working with hologram e.g. Meta type technologies currently only helps with visualization, the real work is achieved ‘on the table’ with may reference data including calculations and regulatory references etc. which cannot be easily be visualized. Therefore, we confidently state that due to nuVa’s deliberate comprehension of the ‘way people work’ that it is the best remote medium for Industry 4.0 collaborative virtual meetings anywhere.

E.E: What’s moving your company forward? 

nuVa: All over the world companies are moving to hybrid working and nuVa allows that top ten to twenty percent to work on highly complex design and build issues remotely. We have recently launched our SaaS model, so nuVa is now available for anyone to download easily around the world. In addition, we have also recently partnered with Pexip to add their secure quality video onto our nuVa workspace. Our developers are always working on improving our product and we will be adding some exciting features in future such as AI and AR features to assist in the overall visualization of the matters in hand.

E.E: How do employees shape your company’s future? 

nuVa: Our employees are stakeholders in the company and have a keen interest in further product improvements and further innovations and produce ideas and innovate as we go along in time.

E.E: How does the digital transformation affect your products / business? 

nuVa: Really the boot is on the other foot, our nuVa software by allowing knowledge to flow remotely allows improved innovation by any organizational users wherever they are. This is because nuVa deliberately emulates a round table meeting with people and things, it is agreed that this is the best way people understand each other, then it is also the best interface from the ‘world of people’ to the ’world of digital’.

E.E: Tell us about research and development in your company. 

nuVa: WE are continually building onto the platform further features that deliver customer requirements e.g. Two applications shared synchronously, interfaces to document management systems, integration to Mixed Reality, Remote optioneering features etc.

E.E: Tell us about the company’s future strategies and how will you adapt to the future.

nuVa: We will adapt to the future by listening to our customers’ detailed requirements and building the solutions. Customer care is also very important for the business. In addition, we also keep a sharp eye on new technical capabilities e.g. 5G and AI/AR and what the new platforms might enable to further enrich virtual meetings.

E.E: How do you think the future will look like in your field of activity? 

nuVa: Clearly there is a major investment in Meta, but technology has a very long way to go in decent resolution and the effective handling of artefacts, especially paper. Despite the ‘so called’ paperless office. Paper has not gone away and electronic paper is growing by the day! nuVa is brilliant in understanding the affordances of paper, which exist in every system and current holography has no satisfactory solution. However, combining technologies may be very useful and the way forward i.e. Keep an open mind and combine technologies where benefit is observed.