CSP Engineering is a developer of smart technology and a constructor of special purpose machines for the wood flooring industry, located in Belgium. With more than 20 years of experience and a strong internal know-how, CSP Engineering became a true specialist in this niche market.
CSP responds to the needs of its customers, follows the trends in the market and provide standard as well as a tailor-made solution in different stages of the production of wood flooring elements.
Caring about a personal and customer-focused service, is why CSP involves its customers in every phase of the project, always happy to help finding the right solution.

This approach and its open mind for new developments, makes that customers come to CSP Engineering spontaneous to discuss their challenges and future needs, which leads to new ideas, new opportunities and new developments.

A specialist for parquet production

CSP Engineering focusses entirely on solutions for the production of wood flooring boards. The company presents solutions in various phases of the production.

Machined filling of knots and cracks: PAR-Filler® Series and CosmetiWood®

PAR Filler® Series are revolutionary automatic machines for filling knots and cracks in wooden floorboards. These machines detect, analyses, and fills imperfections in the surface of floorboards. Together with the PAR-Filler® they have also developed CosmetiWood®, a 1K water based and solvent free wood filler. After drying and hardening in contact with air, CosmetiWood® absorbs oils and colours nicely, has excellent adhesion to wood, and shrinks hardly, even with big knots.

Floorboards that are filled with CosmetiWood®, expresses a very ‘natural look’, highly appreciated by the customers of CSP Engineering.

PAR-Filler®-Series consist of 3 machine models, each for a destinated range in production capacity:

PAR-Filler® Mono, 1-head machine/PAR-Filler Duo, 2 heads in line / PAR-Filler Duplex, 2 heads in parallel = double filling line integrated in 1 machine.

Configuring 2 machines PAR-Filler® Mono or PAR-Filler® Duplex in parallel, an extremely flexible production setup is created, much appreciated by medium and large production companies.


CSP Engineering is completing the development of a new 2K putty. Taking into account the highly appreciated properties of the 1K CosmetiWood® in the market, CSP will soon complete the development of a new 2K putty for machined filling. With this putty there is stacking immediately after filling, no need for sticks between layers, continuation of the process after some hours.

2-Layer flooring boards: PAR-Duo® Series

PAR-Duo® Series machines are production machines for gluing top-layers to carrier boards.

The PAR-Duo® Hotmelt is a machine for gluing solid wood top layers to plywood carrier boards applying waterproof D4 adhesion. Plywood sections are glued endlessly in the length, so there is no waste from sawn plywood. 2-Layer parquet is produced in a continuous production process at a real average speed of 18 to 20 m/min.

The PAR-Duo® FX is stack-pressing with PVA-glue, developed for gluing fix length top-layers to fix length plywood.  The perfect solution for limited production capacities.

Customized packing lines!

CSP Engineering offers various systems in the field of computerised packing.


PAR-Scan® is a complete packing line organiser. PAR-Scan® measures the length of each board in a pack, the number of square metres, the number of boards in the pack and all this one pack after another. The data reading plus the width, thickness, type of wood, quality, surface, etc. are printed on a label. A logo or bar code can be added. The information from each pack of flooring boards is printed on a pallet list and all data is made available for your IT-System and administration. PAR-Scan® stands for a revolutionary system for reading, registering, labelling and packing. PAR-Scan® connects easily to PAR-Strap® , PAR-Cardboard® and/or PAR-Film®, but can also be linked to other packing machines.


PAR-Pack® is a packing line controller and is the base for fully automatic packing of your floorboards in fix lengths per package. PAR-Pack® connects easily to PAR-Strap® , PAR-Cardboard® and/or PAR-Film®, but can also be linked to other packing machines. The combination of PAR-Pack® and PAR-Label® ensures automatic packing and labelling.


PAR-Strap® is an automatic pack binding machine. It is easy to use and binds rapidly in barely a second. PAR-Strap® is a machine which connects easily to PAR-Scan® and PAR-Pack®.


PAR-Cardboard® wraps a cardboard ribbon around each pack. The width of the ribbon is equal to the height of the pack. This way, the edges of the floorboards are extra protected. The cardboard strip is delivered on rolls of 80 cm, available in several colours. It can be delivered pre-printed with your information. After wrapping, the pack should be packed in transparent film. The result is a highly professional look and the best quality of packing. PAR-Cardboard® fits easily with PAR-Film®.


PAR-Film® is a machine for packing floorboards in shrinking foil. PAR-Film® has an efficient packing speed of up to 20 meters a minute. PAR-Film® is a machine which connects easily to PAR-Scan® and PAR-Strap®. PAR Film® seals the shrink foil completely along the length and width sides. This means your parquet is fully protected from dirt, dust, and damp. In combination with the double compartment shrink tunnel, PAR-Film® yields the best packing result.


PAR-Label® is an industrial machine for automatic registration and labelling and it is added to your packing line. PAR-Label® consists of an industrial PC with touch screen, plc, automatic label printer/applicator and PAR-Label Pro software and database. After the input of length, width, and thickness, PAR-Label® registers each pack of floorboards which is packed. A label is printed for each pack and then the pack is packed using PAR-Strap® and/or PAR-Film®.  In combination with PAR-Cardboard®, an automatic print- and apply unit can be provided to attach the label at the cardboard at the head of the pack.


PAR-Info® is a handy device which adds a leaflet or information sheet to each pack of floorboards on the packing line. PAR-Info® is deployed in combination with PAR-Pack® or PAR-Scan®. PAR-Info® adds an information sheet or folder to each packet with no manual labour. The manufacturer informs directly the end-user, providing useful information in the leaflet such as maintenance- and storage guidelines, fitting instructions, guarantee conditions, CE symbol, product specifications, logo, and trademark.

From logistics systems to tailor-made solutions

Various logistics systems can be integrated into the production for feeding, buffering, collecting or stacking boards. For example, there is PAR-Feed®, PAR-Return®, PAR-Collect® and PAR-Stack®.

Adding one logistics system to a machine in your production, already significantly improves the efficiency of the job.

With its modular systems and machines, CSP Engineering provides standard as well as a tailor-made solutions in different stages of the production of wood flooring elements.