Sheartak Tools, the leading supplier of spiral cutterheads and moulder heads in Canada, takes pride in its position as the top stockist in the industry. The company maintains a robust inventory of spiral cutterheads specifically designed for the most popular jointers and planers from renowned brands such as SCM, Felder, Robland, Grizzly, Northtech, Shop Fox, Laguna, Jet, Skil, Powermatic, Oliver, Hitachi, Makita, Metabo, Busy Bee, King Canada, General, and many more.

Interview with Josh Magder, Mechanical Engineering Associate at Sheartak Tools.

Easy Engineering: Tell us about your Corporate Social Responsibility practices?

Josh Magder: Sheartak Tools is committed to providing quality service to its customers while also remaining aware of the impact that our work has on the community and the environment. We are constantly seeking new ways to be socially responsible, whether that’s training our staff to foster positive relationships with customers or being environmentally conscious of our energy consumption. Our mission to provide quality service to our local and global community is a key goal in operating the company, and we continue to look for new ways to give back and help society.

E.E: How do your CSR practices improve the well-being of the community and society?

J.M: Our company is driven by the impact our cutterheads have on customers during their woodworking endeavours. We recognize that the quality of the woodworking experience should be just as high as the machines themselves, so we work hard to create products that ease the process. In addition to the smooth finish they create on wood, our spiral cutterheads dramatically reduce the operational noise caused by machining wood, preventing our customers from sustaining any hearing problems in the future.

 We ensure our customers are valued throughout their journey with Sheartak by offering unparalleled customer support and service. One of our recent contributions to the community was sponsoring a 14-year-old woodworking enthusiast with a spiral cutterhead for his Grizzly benchtop planer. This was an exciting opportunity for Sheartak, as we were able to assist a young woodworker in developing his passion for woodworking. We are constantly searching for opportunities to promote woodworking within the community, inspiring keen artisans. 

E.E: What are your company’s views towards the environment and sustainability?

J.M: At its heart, the central goal of our company is reviving old woodworking tools. Our cutterheads are designed to provide new life to machines that otherwise would’ve been thrown away. We are devoted to giving every machine a second chance, preventing these appliances from contributing to the excessive amounts of garbage present today. We aim to reduce our customers’ carbon footprint by enabling them to continue to use their woodworking machines with a new spiral cutterhead. Whether the machines were recent purchases, or have been passed down from generation to generation, we put in significant effort to revitalize any machine. We believe there is an opportunity in every industry and field to promote sustainability and protect the environment. 

E.E: What role does CSR play in the company for your employees?

J.M: CSR is an incredibly important focus for the employees at Sheartak, and we strive to provide the best support to our community and environment. Each employee is reminded of the impact that their work has on others and is motivated to work with our customers in mind. We value communication with one another and build off the feedback received. The workplace also provides flexibility to the employees, facilitating an environment that people feel comfortable working in. We hope to continue to implement CSR practices within the workplace as the company continues to grow.

Tell us about types of CSR implemented like: environmental initiatives, charity work, ethical labour practices, volunteer projects etc.?

Our company is very much customer-oriented, and we work hard to foster strong relationships with the woodworking community. We acknowledge that certain groups require extra support and so Sheartak gives back to our valued customers by offering discounts for schools, veterans, and those with disabilities. By helping to bridge the accessibility gap that may be present within these communities, we are dedicating our time and resources to support woodworkers. Whether it’s a student using machinery for the first time or a professional woodworker, Sheartak believes that all people should get equal access to machinery and tools.

E.E: What part plays CSR in the overall success of companies?

J.M: In general, the shift to implementing CSR within businesses is a necessary and welcomed change. As a smaller company with deep community roots, we measure a lot of our success by the satisfaction of our customers. When we receive positive feedback from new spiral cutterhead owners, we know we are doing our part to provide a safer work environment for woodworkers. We aim to receive feedback from all our customers regarding our ordering and installation process, as well as the quality of the spiral cutterhead. From the notes we receive, we re-adjust our strategies and communication to support our customers in the best way possible. At the end of the day, the measure of customer satisfaction outweighs any other factor in determining Sheartak’s success as a business.

E.E: What can you tell us about future projects or initiatives?

J.M: As the company continues to grow and expand, we are aware that our CSR practices will shift and develop. Our goal is to remain community-oriented, offering our support to customers and allocating more resources to give back to the surrounding area. Even small tasks like keeping the lights off during sunny days and reusing resources when necessary are ways we can keep our commitment to preserving the environment. We are excited to see what new initiatives are implemented as our company expands!

E.E: What estimations do you have for the rest of the year?

J.M: As we pass the halfway point of the year, we are hopeful that we can persist in our goal to reduce machine waste by providing spiral cutterheads to customers. We will continue our efforts to design the best possible product while emphasizing the value that our customers bring to our company. We treat each order with care and consideration, providing quality support when needed. Ultimately, we will continue to work hard with the woodworking community to give machines a second chance and seek new opportunities to aid passionate woodworkers.

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