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Interview with Marek Rohner, Founder & Owner of Cestriom GmbH.

Easy Engineering: Tell us about some of the most successful project/projects from last year. 

Marek Rohner: In 2022 we had the opportunity to develop and deliver two customized demagnetizing systems for German companies from the tool manufacturing sector. The companies are providing complex tools for manufacturing the stator and rotor packs of electric motors. The demagnetizers are used to demagnetize the punching tools and adapter plates for the large punching presses of these factories. 

Another interesting project was a project for the demagnetization of railway wheelsets in a service facility in Eastern Europe. The client invested in our portable/mobile demagnetizer solution, type MGFE-70 with magnetic field cables. The system can be used to demagnetize assembled wheelsets of railway bogies. 

E.E: What were the challenges that you encountered?

M.R: The demagnetizing machines are used in the customers tool shops. The large and heavy punching tools are mounted and repaired on different working places. The solution our clients were looking for was not only to find a powerful industrial demagnetizer, but it should also be mobile, versatile, and easy to use. 

In the other project where our customers were looking for demagnetizing wheelsets, the main challenge was to comply with the residual magnetism limit at 4A/cm. This value is quite low when you also take in account induced magnetic fields caused by the magnetic field of earth. 

E.E: How did you overcome the challenges?

M.R: For the tool project we met the requirement by developing portable high performance demagnetizing coils that are connected to our mobile power modules MGFE or LM. The operator can switch between magnetic field cables and portable high-performance coils depending on the part he is working at. The power module MGFE or LM is detecting automatically the coil and adjusting the parameters accordingly.

In the railway wheelset project we worked out a manual demagnetizing procedure that had to be followed by the operators. By following this procedure, the residual magnetism limit of 4A/cm was safely undercut after demagnetization.

E.E: What ranges of products/solutions helped the beneficiary in the project/projects?

M.R: We implemented our solutions based on our portable/mobile power module type MGFE-70 and control cabinet version LM70 for another client from the same segment. These modules can power a wide range of coils and magnetic field cables.

For the railway project we used the mobile/portable demagnetizer MGFE-70 and magnetic field cables as flexible coil solution.

E.E: How were these products/solutions used to optimize the client’s business?

M.R: Stamping and punching tools are typically made of high strength steel and are often with enhanced with carbide modules. These high strength steels tend to get strongly magnetized after production or servicing operations, due to various technological processes. As a result, metal chips, metal particles, stamping or punching residues are attracted magnetically during stamping operation and causing tool failures or production interruptions.

The railway wheelsets have to comply with residual magnetism limits to avoid magnetic attraction of steel particles during operation. Another reason is to avoid interference with sensors in some cases.

Our client observed the railway wheelsets often got magnetized just after normal operation on the tracks. 

E.E: What innovative features do the products / solutions have?

M.R: The power modules MGFE and LM can be programmed for sine wave pulse demagnetization in a frequency range roughly between 0,1 and 50Hz. Low frequencies are used for thick parts like press adapter plates. Higher frequencies are used for smaller parts like hard metal tools etc.

The feature automatic parameter adjustment to the connected coil proved to be useful in this case, as the clients are often changing the coils.

With regard to the railway project we can summarize our solution portable/mobile demagnetizer MGFE with magnetic field cables showed once more its wide usability. The device comes with all needed functions by standard. In that case the procedure to follow was the “special” thing to work out, to get the job done.

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