Customers and Celebrities Join Hyundai Motor’s Human Library Event in Seoul

Hyundai Motor has held the first in a series of innovative ‘Human Library’ group discussion events for customers and local celebrities at its Hyundai Motorstudio flagship brand showroom in Seoul, Korea. The open forum, to be held on the last Friday of every month, is designed to share and explore knowledge, experience, ideas and values, and is part of a program to enhance brand communication with Hyundai customers.

The first event was held on June 26 and attracted around 30 Hyundai customers and brand enthusiasts, who were joined by celebrities and media personalities to discuss a wide range of topics, including cars and food. Web comic artist-turned-TV cook Kim Poong led discussions with customers at the flagship showroom, which has already been visited by more than 150,000 people since opening in May last year. Korean Painter Kim Hyun Jung and musician Sean are booked to appear in Human Library talks over the coming months.

The concept of the Human Library was devised by Ronni Abergel, from Denmark, in order to promote dialogue and encourage understanding between people of varying ages and cultural backgrounds. Hyundai Motor is using the Human Library as part of its effort to engage with customers in new ways, and the Auto Library at the Hyundai Motorstudio Seoul was relocated in order to make way for the new event.

Hyundai Motor’s Executive Vice President, Won Hong Cho, said: “Our pledge to offer the best service for customers will always be our priority, and we hope to live up to this commitment in many ways at our Hyundai Motorstudio Seoul showroom. Human Library is another important step in enriching and expanding our interaction with customers.”

High visitor numbers at the Hyundai Motorstudio Seoul have come from Hyundai’s success in combining cultural and retail experiences. ‘Ensemble’ is one of the latest projects, launched earlier this month and on show until September, which is an art installation that provides a detailed look into the inner workings of a Hyundai Genesis Coupe.

The Hyundai Motorstudio Seoul was joined by the Hyundai Motorstudio Moscow in January – the first new overseas brand space, which gives Russian customers the same in-depth feel for Hyundai products and brand.