Danish Solar Energy Ltd. offers a revolutionary breakthrough with their patent: CFR – Colored photovoltaic modules that exceed all previous restrictions. Due to the aesthetic and architectural possibilities represented by the colored solar roofs and facades, a whole new and very energy efficient architecture has been proposed, which knows no limits. All types of facades and roofs can be an active element of the energy supply, while the architecture is completely free. This innovation will change the paradigm to choose between green energy or beauty; there is a symbiosis between technique and aesthetics, providing completely new and unimagined dimensions.


  • Light transparency of up to 85-98% and thus a unique high efficiency.
  • New aesthetic design options
  • Economic production
  • Completely expands the applications of the solar roof and facades.

Design your own exclusive sustainable building

Danish Solar Energy provides our partners the opportunity to design their own solar modules to roofs or facades etc., from the color/s, to shape, size, the degree of reflection of the modules. It is also possible to accord the module´s patterns to the surrounding environments. When designing the photovoltaic module, it must be decided whether it should be integrated into the building, this minimizes the visibility or whether the design of the building, that should be based on a futuristic appearance, and the photovoltaic modules, should be the „face“ of the building exterior. 

The architect‘s name will be be settle in the industry, and into the building‘s green profile, implementing green energy in the construction. We will jointly design the desired roof or facade etc., in the meantime we will be an active sparring partner, who can advise on technical and aesthetic possibilities, and make all the necessary calculations, so that the plant it will not only have a beautiful aspect, also It will still provide optimal energy production.

Building-integrated solar cells are an ideal solution in terms of reducing CO2 emissions from buildings and be an active player in reducing climate problems we face, having a roof or facade with CO2-free energy production without being looking visible.

We can provide complete systems if desired. We contact installers, professionals and suppliers. We thus simplify our partners‘ communication path. 

With over 25 years of experience in the industry, we have built up a, know-how‘ beyond the ordinary, we have faced challenges that for most people seem to be impossible. All photovoltaic modules are produced at our factory in Denmark, which is built so that CO2 emissions are minimal during production. Despite having Denmark‘s largest solar production facility, we are very flexible in terms of wishes and specifications.

Profesional Consultancy with more than 30 years experience

Architects and builders want an individual color choice of solar modules, saturated colors, a homogeneous appearance from every possible point of view and at the same time a high module efficiency. 

The demand is growing a lot for these products. Builders from all over the world are increasingly asking for the sustainability and self-sufficiency of their buildings.

When designing the solar module, it must be decided whether it should be integrated into the building so that it minimizes visibility and blends in with the surrounding materials. Or whether the design of the building should be based on a futuristic appearance, and the solar modules should be the building’s “face” on the outside.

Implementing green energy in the construction in this way can rightly cement the architect’s or suppliers name in the industry, and the building’s green profile.

Our team jointly design the desired module, where we will be an active sparring partner who can advise on aesthetic possibilities, and make all the necessary calculations so that the plant is not only beautiful to look at, but also have optimal performance.

Building-integrated solar modules are an ideal solution in terms of reducing the carbon footprint and reducing its cost of electricity.

We don’t just supply the solar modules and stop there. We can supply complete systems if desired. We contact installers, professionals and suppliers. We thus simplify the communication path of our partners.

If you are a manufacturer or a distributor of building materials or in the process of building a project and want, an exclusive beautiful solar power hat can reduce electricity costs and contribute to sustainable construction and make a difference in relation to CO2 emissions.

Solar energy gives architectural freedom

Solar cells in all colors – All types of roofs and facades, can be an active element in the future energy supply, while the architecture is completely free. 

– The benefits of the new product are many. In addition to providing new exclusive aes­thetic design options and the opportunity for more ways to integrate solar cells, they have outstanding:

High European efficiency and quality.

Exclusive CFR solar modules for red environments

An example of a project Danish Solar Energy has carried out, is an exclusive building in Svendborg Denmark, which has our CFR brick red solar roof modules installed. 

The solar modules are selected in a slightly darker tone than the bricks, which in this case will darken over time and thus will get the same color as the solar modules. With the colored solar cells, a symbiosis between technology and aesthetics is thus envisaged, which we foresee will be widely used worldwide – and which is one of the solutions to the climate challenges we face.

The module could also be selected in other shades adapted to the surrounding environment that would almost make them invisible. We can produce modules up to Lx W 2.7x 1.7 m.

The modules come with a built-in mounting system for facades and roofs and with the same degree of sealing as traditional bricks and slate tiles.

With over 25 years of experience in the industry, Danish Solar Energy has built up a ‘know-how’ beyond the ordinary and has managed challenges that for most people seemed impossible.

All solar modules are produced at our own factory, which is Denmark’s largest production facility for solar modules. The factory is also built so that there is minimal CO2 emissions during production.

Exclusive PV roof, this newly developed solution, with Rockwool and Danish Solar Energy, gives you power from the sun and insulation

A solar roof – project in Hedehusene at Rockwool’s headquarters in Denmark, combining solar PV and insulation. 

Note that the integration of the solar cells is completely invisible, but blends naturally into the aesthetics of the building! 

The solar cells replacing other roofing materials, and the substructure is built with high-quality Rockwold insulation, and the PV modules weigh is no more than 11 kg. m2

The PV modules form a waterproof roof with a built-in system and are very easy to install.

So, what do you get with this roof!

A robust and weatherproof roof made of laminated tem­pered glass, free power from the sun, insulation and at the same time it is fireproof.

The construction of the PV Rock Roof is made in sepa­rate parts, so it is easy to replace parts of the roof, if it is necessary to replace a PV module. 

This is significantly cost effective as it is known that the roof will pay for itself back many times, over its lifetime. 

This is the optimal solution if you want to reduce your energy bill and lower your CO2 emissions.


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