Automation is the use of technology or software to perform repetitive tasks or process with minimal human intervention. Automation increases efficiency, eliminate errors, enhance accuracy, ensure safety of operating personnel and machinery/equipment.  It saves time and reduces resources.

Automation makes a difference to the business outcome by increasing production (plant availability), enhances quality & efficiency, reduces utility consumptions (steam, water, power etc.,), thereby reducing the operating cost, and ensuring safety of operating personnel and machinery / equipment. It plays an important role in the business transformation leveraging the digitalization process.

Desmet is a company specialized in the engineering and procurement of installations and technologies for the food, feed, and biofuel industries. Desmet is a full technology provider to transform oilseeds, grains, and tropical oils into protein for feed and food, edible oils and fats, oleochemicals, and biofuels.

Desmet has in house automation team to takes care of all the automation tasks. We use the latest automation products in the market, software as well as hardware. We ensure supply of cutting-edge technology to our clients to keep their plants available and running with utmost safety.

The synergy between our process and automation engineers results in automation software which ensures the following:

  • Better view and operation of the plant by using ISA standards for graphical display.  Reducing the colour animations and enabling the operator to focus on the actions he must take to keep the plant running. 
  • Moving from “Supervisory” to “Advisory”. Rather than an operating medium, our HMI focus on giving advance information’s / warnings to operator to avoid breakdowns and plan his regular maintenance.  
  • Sequence flow charts, interlock displays in HMI to guide the operator thereby increasing the operator efficiency. Reduces down time as the operator is in a better position to take control of the plant and act when it is necessary.
  • Advanced process control algorithm’s that optimises closed loop controls, enhance user experience, increase efficiency, reduce utility consumptions etc.
  • Ensure safety and security of both human personnel and installed equipment’s.

How our customer benefit from it?

As we have an in-house automation team which works alongside our process engineers, we have put in place a “Continuous Development Process”. The process is explained below in steps:

  • Steering Committee & HAZOP

Steering Committee consisting of process experts, HAZOP studies, defines how our plant should be controlled and operated. Guidelines and objective are clearly defined during this process.

  • Automation Functional Descriptions (AFDs)

Development of AFDs by automation team taking into considerations the steering committee recommendations and HAZOP study results.  This keeps the synergy between process & automation.

  • Development of standards for PLC / HMI & DCS

The automation software, PLC codes and HMI development is carried out as per the Automation Functional Descriptions and as per international norms ISA 101.1. 

  • Feedback from site after startup & commissioning

Feedback is collected from site personnel after the start-up & commissioning of the plant. The feedback is looped back to steering committee which will then revise/modify or upgrade their recommendations.  Feedback from site is also given the automation team on the standards. If realigning is necessary, it is taken care by the automation team.

The above works like a closed loop control benefiting the customer.  The customer always gets the latest standards and process control recommendations with the above continuous development process.

Why should customers choose Desmet

As explained in the last section, customers benefit from our “Continuous Development Process”. In addition, Desmet is investing on Digitalization initiative to make our plant Industry 4.0 compatible / ready.

The digitalization initiatives focus on the following aspects by bridging the gap between OT (operation technology) and IT (information technology):

  • Remote Monitoring.
  • Remote Assistance.
  • Mobile HMI.
  • KPI Dashboard and Analytics.
  • Advanced Process Control.
  • AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) based prediction models.

It is not just about supplying the latest technology. It is also about upgrading and keeping the systems in operating condition. Desmet has wide customer service network which helps in upgrading or replacing the obsolete automation systems with the latest products to keep the plant running and available.