During the past two years and the occurring of the pandemic situation, companies have learned how important it is to support modern digitized technologies – in order to join online trade fairs, enable its employees to work from home or manage contract negotiations on the other side of the globe via video calls.

The digitization index provides information: The German economy has become more digital in 2021. The mechanical and electrical engineering industry group performs significantly better than the industry average. Progress has been made in the categories of processes and business models in particular.

Especially in the field of Aftersales Services and the support provided to a customer after the product has been purchased, there is a great potential of growth. According to the VDMA and Fraunhofer Institute, Aftersales Service is responsible for up to 20% of the total sales as it typically leads to a higher customer satisfaction, brand loyalty and word-of-mouth-marketing. 

As it is the key objective of its business strategy, IFA Technology offers individual plant construction for the current and future needs of its customers. With a well-trained sales and service team, the company targets customer satisfaction throughout the complete business process of engineering and production, logistics, assembly and commissioning, as well as optimization, replacement and conversion.

In means of digitalization, there has been a significant change in Aftersales during the last year. “We have experienced an increase of almost 50% for remote access on plants and machinery allowing for small expansions and troubleshooting within a short period of time. Not only in Aftersales but also for plant commissioning, remote access enables us to deliver high-level service quality at a distance,” says Florian Riehl, Head of Aftersales & Service.

Focusing on customer needs, IFA Technology offers online meetings and discussions via Microsoft Teams, video calls and other platforms in order to guarantee an efficient, timesaving and inexpensive service. This way, optimization potential and further developments can easily be discussed with the customer. In the service area, maintenance, retraining and workshop sessions for optimizing system operation is offered digitally. 

When plants and machinery have reached a certain age, IFA Technology also offers retrofits – meaning the modernization of the control system – or extensions and new developments such as our online recording. We maintain regular customer contact and obtain information regarding current and future investments, satisfaction with plant results and the overall performance of the systems. In the event of malfunctions or problems, we help quickly and easily via a service hotline with our team of electricians, mechanics and programmers, by telephone or recently increasingly via remote access. 

Through our service work and trainings, results can be significantly improved by optimizing the system settings that leads to a better accuracy and shorter mixing times. “Currently, many systems are being retrofitted, expanded or rebuilt, which generates 2 to 3 requests per week.”, adds Florian Riehl, Head of Aftersales & Service. During the recent two years, IFA Technology has become a competent and reliable partner in the field of Aftersales & Service for mechanical and plant engineering. The company and its team of qualified personnel is willing to meet new challenges in the future time.

IFA Technology is an engineering plant and construction company based in Germany. For more than 40 years, we have been successfully building plants and systems in process technology for weighing, mixing, conveying and dosing solid and liquid materials. The fully automated plants and systems are sold across all industrial areas. We are a world leader in the field of impregnation and resin processing.

IFA Aftersales Service at a glance

  • Remote maintenance of machines and systems
  • Fast repair service and spare part service to minimize downtime
  • Personal contact persons for plant engineering and electrical engineering
  • Individual support for retrofitting and upgrading projects of existing plants or systems

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