Dover Fueling Solutions (DFS) is part of Dover Corporation and a leading provider of advanced energy dispensing equipment, electronic automation and payment systems, automatic tank gauging and subscription solutions to fuelling and convenience retail customers worldwide. Comprised of the brands Wayne Fueling Systems, Tokheim, OPW Fuel Management Systems, ClearView, ProGauge, Fairbanks, AvaLAN Networks and LIQAL, DFS is dedicated to offering a broad range of solutions that power vehicles, including conventional fuel and clean energy products that support gasoline, diesel, bio-diesel and ethanol as well as LNG, H2, LPG, CNG and EV chargers. 

Headquartered in Austin, TX, DFS has a strong global manufacturing and technology development presence, including facilities in Brazil, China, India, Italy, Poland, Belgium, Sweden, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and the United States. 

DFS is driven by their values and a shared purpose, but what really fuels the company is the people. They’re the heart of the company. Dover Fueling Solutions is taking fueling and convenience retail to the next level, and they are passionate about cultivating excellence in products, solutions and people.

Easy Engineering: What are the main areas of activity of the company?

Dover Fueling Solutions: DFS is made up of some of the most trusted, leading-edge brands in the industry. As such, DFS main priority is enabling the evolution of consumer experience in fueling and convenience retail. 

We are extremely proud of our product range and the benefits they provide to our global customer base. With a varied, end-to-end product and solution portfolio DFS provides a comprehensive selection of dispensers (both for clean and conventional fuels), automatic tank gauging (ATG) equipment, EV charging systems, fleet management products, secure payment solutions and genuine aftermarket parts.  

In addition, our solutions are comprised of carefully selected products and services that, together, help to bring unrivalled functionality and connectivity to any forecourt. Whether retailers need a complete payment or fuel management solution, or they are simply looking to make their fuelling station safer and more efficient, the diverse range of DFS solutions have been specifically developed to provide value far beyond meeting basic business needs. With multiple options and packages available our customers can rest assured that DFS have the tools to enhance an end users experience on the forecourt, while helping fuel retailers differentiate their offering from the competition. We also offer a wide range of service and support functions to help with all aspects of the day to day running of service station operations. 

E.E: What’s the news about new products?

Dover Fueling Solutions: Within the last 12-18 months there have been several innovative product and solution launches, in the EMEA region, of note – the DFS Hydrogen dispenser, the Power UX™ 180 EV Charging System, the Tokheim Quantium™/Wayne Helix™/Wayne Century™ 3 fuel dispenser ranges, DX Power™, and DFS Fusion Prizma.

Recently we have partnered with GRUBBRR® in North America to launch a pioneering self-ordering solution for c-stores and fuelling stations, called DX Market™ and just last month have launched DX Promote® Auto – a new industry-leading managed media service, which provides retailers with state-of-the-art advertising content to display on the DFS Anthem UX® platform, again in North America. 

E.E: What are the ranges of products?

Dover Fueling Solutions: We are a leading provider of advanced energy dispensing equipment, electronic automation and payment systems, automatic tank gauging and subscription solutions to fuelling and convenience retail customers worldwide. We are a team committed to doing great things, collaborating to deliver exceptional business results for our customers, and seeking ways to enhance performance and user experience. 

We understand ” one size does not fit all” in the fuel retail and convenience industry, which is why our products and solutions can be tailored to suit various budget requirements, forecourt layouts and styles. With a wide range of models and configuration options available, the DFS product and solution portfolio puts the customer in control, allowing them to make the best business decision for their service station.

E.E: At what stage is the market where you are currently active?

Dover Fueling Solutions: DFS are predominantly focused on the fuel retail and convenience industry/market. This market is constantly evolving and DFS are dedicated to supporting customers with leading products and solutions, regardless of the fuel they want to distribute and retail. As a manufacturer, we are also committed to offering cleaner and more environmentally friendly ways to power vehicles. 

To help contribute to a greener planet, we have invested in a broad range of products and solutions that support the infrastructure build for a variety of clean fuels, including LNG, H2, LPG, CNG and electricity, alongside conventional fuel dispensers that have a lower impact on the environment e.g. AdBlue®, additive etc.

DFS has provided dispensing solutions for the retail fuelling industry for over 130 years, and clean energy has always played a big part in our product offering. This requires us to follow market trends closely to make sure we have the right solutions in place at the right time. 

E.E: What can you tell us about market trends?

Dover Fueling Solutions: As the world, and the transport industry, move towards Net-Zero, it’s likely all four energy options (Hydrogen, electricity, CNG and LNG) will be an integral part of the decarbonisation mix, each with their own distinct benefits. These will vary from country to country depending on infrastructure development and investment, as well as government initiatives and legislation. 

It’s clear that there is certainly a move toward a more environmentally conscious consumer, and we are seeing our customers actively investing in lower-carbon fuels. This trend will undoubtedly continue, but we should also note that the transition of a car fleet takes many years. So, for us at DFS, it’s important to stay focused on conventional fuelling products and solutions at the same time as we work to support the new energy types entering the market.

E.E: What are the most innovative products marketed?

Dover Fueling Solutions: All of our products and solutions are innovative, and several have received prestigious awards. Whether it is dispenser and payment technology or advanced IoT solutions, DFS has a field-proven, industry-leading end-to-end portfolio that successfully supports a global customer base.