Melt-processable high temperature thermoplastics find more and more its way into highest demanding applications. Polymers like PEEK, TPI und PAI are used for functional parts in severe environment with extreme requirements to mechanical, thermal as well as insulating properties.  Its ability to be melt processed for example by injection molding makes it accessible to mass production at relatively low cost. 

BIEGLO, based in Hamburg, Germany, is the official distributor of AURUM™ Thermoplastic Polyimide from Mitsui Chemicals and has proved in collaboration with BOY, a world-wide manufacturer of injection molding systems, that AURUM™ TPI can be easily converted into complex, low tolerance shapes and parts.

In spring 2022 a team from Mitsui Chemicals and BIEGLO performed various trials at Dr.Boy´s application technical center at the company´s headquarter in Neustadt-Fernthal, Germany aiming to show AURUM´s™ ease of processing on conventional injection molding machines. BOY offers a most comprehensive range of servo hydraulic injection moulding machines with clamping forces from 63 kN up to 1,250 kN. The very compact, durable injection molding machines work precisely, energy-saving and thus highly economically. Automation, digitalisation as well as sustainability and CO2 savings are particularly in focus of the owner-managed manufacturer from Neustadt-Fernthal (Germany). 

Within a melt temperature range of 410°C for AURUM™ PL6200, a blend of TPI with PEEK over 420°C for neat AURUM™ PL450 black and 450°C for carbon fibre reinforced AURUM™ JCL 3030 small display frames with a dimensions of 12x9x 2mm were injection molded with a BOY XS injection molding machine. With 100 kN clamping force, a foot print of 0.78 m² and a stroke volume up to 15.3 cm³ the BOY XS offers a big range of possibilities for micro and sprueless single-cavity injection molding.

Even the filigrane structures of the part (see picture) were completely filled in a 4-cavity high- temperature controlled mold showing an excellent surface finish and even the finest structures were perfectly formed. Overall, except from special high   temperature equipment and highest processing temperatures up to 450°C, AURUM™ TPI is injection moldable like any other thermoplastic material.

 AURUM™ TPI is a thermoplastic polyimide which is processable by common production procedures like injection molding and extrusion. It is distinguished by excellent thermal resistance, good insulative properties, high mechanical strength and superior tribological performance. Further features are outstanding radiation resistance and very low outgassing making it suitable for vacuum and aerospace applications. AURUM™ TPI thermoplastic polyimide combines very high heat resistance (Tg = 245°C) with excellent sliding and mechanical properties so it easily outperforms other high performance thermoplastic materials when superior tribology 

in high temperature environment is needed. In electrical applications it shows high dielectric strength and very low dissipation factors at various frequencies which make it a perfect insulator. AURUM™ TPI is accessible for several conversion and processing operations like injection molding, extrusion as well as for coating methods, especially for powder coating, using the full spectrum of AURUM™ TPI´s property´s range.

BIEGLO GmbH sells PEEK, Polyimides, PBI, PAI and other High-Performance Polymers in powder, granules, rods, tubes, sheet, film and finished parts. 

BARplast LLC is a 100% subsidiary in Houston, Texas and also specializes in high-performance polymers.

BIEGLO will exhibit on the K-Show meet us in hall 8a booth B33.