Who is Ebitt Fluid Technologies?

Ebitt Fluid Technologies is a company specializing in fluid management systems across various industries, including HVAC, infrastructure, fire safety, water supply, and submersible pumps. At Ebitt, we design and distribute a range of submersible pumps and accessories for sewage and septic systems, water pumps, fire pump stations, hydrophores, transfer pump systems, and expansion tanks.

A fun fact: EBITT is actually an acronym for Energy, Building, Intelligence, Technique and Technology. 

It has been more than 30 years that Ebitt Fluid Technologies is active in the industry. Which means, we have a pretty good knowledge and experience. It all started in the residential and industrial construction sectors with hydrophor applications that provide energy and water savings. The product range expanded with the production of all accessories related to hydrophor systems. Over time, high-capacity circulation pumps, fire pumps, and infrastructure and city network pressure boosting pumps were also included in the production.

The sales and applications have started in the Turkish market and later in the Turkic Republics. Successively, we entered growth targets in regions related to our investments in Europe, Dubai, and Singapore.

Currently, we manufacture and sell 8,000 hydrophor systems, 1,500 fire pump stations, and 11,000 circulation pumps annually. As of now, we export to 54 countries. We currently have 3 separate manufacturing facilities: one in Turkey, one in Dubai, and one in Hungary. In Turkey, we have a foundry and pump manufacturing base; in Dubai, we operate a production line for fire pumps and a production line for hydrophor systems; and in Hungary, we have a production and distribution facility for assembly-based domestic medical products. Additionally, we provide services in the Asia-Pacific region through our office in Singapore.

Our Brand Approach and Purpose

Ebitt Fluid Technologies originated from “an idea” and evolved into “the ideal”. Our goal is to be the ideal intersection point of supply and demand in fluid technologies, transcending traditional product and technology development. Ebitt aims to be an all-encompassing business model that exceeds expectations. 

What makes us “the ideal” is our perspective. We position Ebitt as the perspective, as a business model and a spirit itself. We could say that Ebitt was founded on the basis of human resources capital, which aims at producing sustainability, permanence, expertise in business life and transfering this expertise like a relay race, rather than a classical capital basis.

How do we perceive “the ideal”?

To embody and serve the ideal, we define innovation and quality within the Ebitt perspective. 

For us, innovation is not just technological advancement; it encompasses creative innovation with versatile responsibility, adding value by meeting customer expectations, integrating new technologies, and prioritizing health and security. Thus, every “creative innovation” developed as a combination of these criteria is innovation for Ebitt and the driving force for Ebitt is this understanding of innovation.

When it comes to “quality”, it is a standard offered without demand in areas where water and other fluids are involved, that is, throughout life. We, together with our suppliers, customers and teammates who have adopted the philosophy of Ebitt, find it successful to be in a sustainable “win-win” relationship.

Essentials for Ebitt Fluid Technologies

Since the beginning, we have been dedicated to this field, working diligently and patiently on pump engineering with faith. With over 30 years of experience, we exclusively focus on this business. As of today, we are a team that develops and produces products, sells them in global markets, distributes, and commissions them.

In our relationships built on long-standing friendships with customers, we position ourselves appropriately according to customer needs, ensuring supply and production in the fastest possible manner. One of the lessons we have learned over the years is the importance of after-sales service. We stand behind our products after sales, personally monitor their operation, and provide spare parts and services promptly when needed.

In our customer relationships, we prioritize quality and fast service with the right product supply. We are aware of the value of being solution-oriented. For instance, there are many centrifugal pump manufacturers worldwide. What sets us apart from other manufacturers is our ability to provide quality service and generate quick and practical solutions. Our accessibility and creative problem-solving also distinguish us from others.

With the experiences we directly gain from the field in mechanical installation projects, we source the most efficient products necessary for the system.

Our Sustainability Approach

In our world, where global temperatures are steadily rising and water stress has begun in many regions, it is a well-known and closely followed fact that the future’s biggest challenge is water supply and conservation. Simultaneously, energy conservation has become an important issue for environmental protection.

In today’s world, where the need for water supply and energy conservation is increasing, all our products are built on the philosophy of preserving nature and achieving the highest efficiency with minimal energy. We continue and will continue our journey with products that enable efficient water use, emphasizing our commitment to nature. Therefore, we heavily invest in research and development activities.

Additionally, just as we have been doing for many years, one of our priorities is to pass on our experiences to the generations that follow us. We maintain constant communication with universities and high school students, aiming to transfer all our knowledge and experience to these young minds. Within our company, we work alongside them, imparting our engineering knowledge and striving to support them in their future professional lives in any way we can.

Closing remarks:

As Ebitt Fluid Technologies; we enhance the fluid, we enhance the life, we enhance the future.

Autor: Cemre Köse, Marketing Manager at Ebitt Fluid Technologies, 28.11.2023