Long lines and impatient passengers – checking carry-on baggage at the airport can be tedious and stressful. This makes it all the more important to have an efficient process. With the TB40 belt conveyor and RB40 roller conveyor, Montech optimizes the process and ensures smooth baggage and security checks.

Montech AG specializes in the industrialization and standardization of state-of-the-art, unusual belt conveyors, transfer systems, and innovative aluminum framing systems. This Swiss technology company is familiar with the problems of airport operations and the requirements for X-ray screening processes. In order to make these smooth and pleasant, Montech combines innovation and practical experience. With the TB40 belt conveyor and RB40 roller conveyor, Montech offers reliable and customizable solutions for efficient carry-on baggage checking. 

Modular adaptation and compact design – the TB40 belt conveyor

The TB40 belt conveyor offers an optimal solution for use in the airport security control process. Its modular adaptability allows seamless integration into various detection systems, while its compact design with an installation height of just 80 mm minimizes the space requirement. The integrated 24 V drum drive easily transports bags up to 200 kg and ensures precise operations. Thanks to its energy-efficient drive, it meets the highest standards and reduces power consumption and operating costs. The special belts of the TB40 belt conveyor also ensure that the baggage moves quietly.

Height-adjustable floor stands and robust design – the RB40 roller track

Montech’s RB40 roller conveyor optimizes the infeed and outfeed of carry-on baggage during X-ray screening at airports. Thanks to its height-adjustable floor stands, which are available in different versions, the RB40 roller conveyor can be tilted easily and continuously if required. Its compact and robust design ensures a smooth flow and optimizes the overall system. 

Combined with the TB40 conveyor belt, the RB40 roller conveyor offers a compact and efficient solution for carry-on baggage checks at the airport. It optimizes process reliability, reducing frustration and stress among passengers and staff.