Airports are often the starting point of a journey. However, getting to the plane is a journey in and of itself. You have to pass through several stations before taking off – from bag drop to passport control to security screening. Efficient conveyor technology is required for these processes to run smoothly. 

Montech AG knows what’s required for stress-free processes at the airport. This Swiss company specializes in the industrialization and standardization of state-of-the-art, unusual belt conveyors, transfer systems, and innovative aluminum framing systems. Because it focuses on innovation and user-friendliness, its conveying technologies are frequently used at various locations in airports.

Comfortable bag drop 

The first stop for passengers at the airport is usually the baggage check-in at the bag drop or self-service bag drop. With the TB40 belt conveyor, Montech offers a groundbreaking product that increases efficiency and passenger comfort. Its remarkably low height of just 80 mm distinguishes it from other models on the market. The TB40 belt conveyor offers travelers significant relief and greater comfort. The lower baggage belt means that they don’t have to lift their heavy bags as high onto the conveyor belt with scales, which not only speeds up the bag drop process, but also optimizes work processes. In addition, the compact design of the TB40 belt conveyor enables space-saving bag drops and self-service bag drops without any side contours that get in the way. This is of great value especially given the high cost of floor space at airports. Another advantage: The belt conveyor’s 24 VDC motor enables the transport of baggage weighing up to 200 kg and it complies with low-voltage guidelines. Additional protection against contact is therefore not required.

Smooth security screening 

Once the baggage has been checked in, passengers continue on to the carry-on baggage check. Two Montech products are used here. The TB40 belt conveyor is once again perfectly suited for use for security screening. Thanks to its modular adaptability, it can be integrated seamlessly into various detection systems. Its compact design effectively minimizes space requirements. Its integrated 24 V drum drive effortlessly transports baggage while ensuring precise operations. And it is extremely energy-efficient, which not only reduces power consumption, but also the associated costs. In addition, the special belts of the TB40 belt conveyor ensure that baggage is transported silently. 

Efficient in- and outfeed of baggage

However, before the bags can be screened, they must first be put onto the TB40 belt conveyor. Montech also has the right solution for this: The RB40 roller conveyor. It ensures efficient infeed and outfeed of carry-on baggage during security screening. Thanks to its height-adjustable floor stands, which are available in various versions, the RB40 roller conveyor can be tilted effortlessly and continuously if required. Its compact and robust design ensures a smooth flow and thus optimizes the overall system.

The right combination for a relaxed airport experience

With the TB40 belt conveyor and RB40 roller conveyor, Montech offers everything for a compact and efficient solution for airport operations. These two conveying technologies optimize process reliability during bag drop and self-service bag drop as well as security screening. The trip through the airport is therefore as efficient as possible for passengers and staff, but above all also frustration and stress-free.