According to the VSSÖ (Austrian Association of Sporting Goods Manufacturers and Sports Outfitters), eBike sales in 2015 accounted for more than 77,000 units out of a total sales volume of 390,000 bicycles. Compared to 2014 (50,000 eBikes sold), electric bicycle sales grew by over 50 per cent. Since 2010, annual eBike sales have nearly quadrupled in Austria. This probably makes Austria one of the leading eBike markets in relation to population in Europe. By way of comparison: according to the ZIV (German Bicycle Industry Association), in Germany, which is the largest market in Europe, the eBike share of the total bicycle market was 12.5% in 2015, or 535,000 units. In terms of the number of eBikes sold per million inhabitants, Germany has approximately 6,700, while Austria currently has more than 8,850. Bosch eBike Systems is a driving force on this growth market. The global leader in the premium segment sees excellent prospects for the coming years.