For over 35 years, Elmo Motion Control has been on a mission to lead Motion Control Technology, offering advanced servo drives, motion controllers, and software tools for simulation and fast and easy integration for any application type.

Elmo offers a wide range of servo drives in multiple configurations and packaging for any motion requirement, from industrial applications that demand the utmost precision and power density to the world’s most extreme applications designed for critical missions in harsh environments.

Interview with Ronen Sadan, VP Marketing at Elmo.

Easy Engineering: What are the product ranges, and what services do you offer?

Ronen Sadan: Our servo drives portfolio covers a vast range of current/voltage of up to 900V for both AC and DC voltages. 

With Elmo’s Motion Control, machines perform at their highest potential – faster, more accurate, minimum latency and jitter, consistent, and safer. They are lighter, smaller, simpler to build and run, and longer lasting. Elmo uniquely enables cutting costs through technology, improving machine throughput by 20%-250% without touching the mechanics – thus eliminating the long and expensive process of improving, retrofitting, redesigning, stiffening, resizing, and ruggedizing.

E.E: Which are the most innovative products/solutions, and what special features do they have?

R.S: Elmo offers a wide range of features and technological enhancements in its products. To name a few, our Platinum line of servo drives incorporates the leading certified functional safety with 17 safety functions being supported. We offer an industry-leading 99% power conversion efficiency for single to multi-axis servo drive types. Elmo products allow applications to move with maximum power and minimal size. Introducing extreme power-density servo technology, machines, and robotics never having to sacrifice footprint to achieve extreme torques and speeds. 

Elmo’s industry-leading Platinum line of servo drives provides faster and more enhanced servo performance, helping manufacturers reduce footprint, weight, and overall cost. 

Platinum drives offer precise EtherCAT networking, with 100 uSec cycling time, high synchronization, negligible EMI, near-zero latency, and absolute reliability. The Platinum line includes one of the world’s smallest Functional Safety and FSoE certified servo drives with unique SIL capabilities.

E.E: How do your best products/solutions work?

R.S: Motion control is a sub-field of automation in which the position or velocity of machines is controlled using some type of device such as a linear actuator, or electric motor, generally a servo. A servo drive is a special electronic amplifier used to power electric servomechanisms. A servo drive monitors the feedback signal from the servomechanism and continually adjusts for deviation from expected behavior. The Platinum line today for industrial and harsh environments includes advanced Functional Safety capabilities, which reduce production footprints and increase performance. 

E.E: In what types of projects do clients use your products/solutions?

R.S: Elmo products are used in various types of machines for various applications in multiple industry segments, including semiconductors, robotics, medical, industrial automation, AGV and smart warehouse, printing and packaging, laser cutting, electronics, extreme environments, etc. Today, more than 4.5 million Elmo servo drives are running 24/7 worldwide.  

E.E: How important is innovation / R&D in your field?

R.S: Elmo’s mission is to lead motion control technology, elevating any application where motion matters. Hence, R&D knowledge, experience, and human resources are a major backbone of Elmo, with over 100 company engineers. 

E.E: How do your products /solutions increase profitability for users?

Elmo is successful with customers that the Motion Control and the Servo Control are essential factors to fulfill the machine’s mission satisfactorily. Elmo’s technology-added values enable machines to exceed performance expectations. Machines powered by Elmo are safer, smaller, lighter, faster, and more accurate, leading to higher throughput and yield.

Elmo Motion Control cuts costs with technology. 

E.E: How can clients sustainably use your products/solutions?

R.S: Elmo Motion Control has more than 35 years of experience, and today, many machines are still powered by Elmo from its earlier lines of products.  

E.E: How is AI affecting your field of activity?

R.S: At SPS Germany in 2023, Elmo announced the next line of products, the Titanium Line, which includes AI functionality, dual axes servo drives, increased CPU power, and more. In 2024, more Titanium solutions will be announced. 

E.E: How do you see the future in your field?

R.S: Motion Control is a field that will continue to grow by leaps and bounds into the future. 

The need for more sophisticated machines with increased axes that meet extreme needs of space limitations and top-notch capabilities will be a must. Elmo Solutions is the perfect fit for any of these advanced machines.

E.E: What are the business plans for 2024?

R.S: Elmo provided a glimpse into the future with an announcement of the next-generation solutions, the Titanium Line. In addition, specialty solutions will still be released for the Platinum Line, such as the release of the Platinum Bassoon, the first AC servo drive for this line. 

For more information about Elmo Motion Control visit https://www.elmomc.com/