Is your building low, tall, broad or slim? No worries, a family company from the North of Denmark, called Limitech, is thriving on creating fully automated and customized process solutions in stainless steel, for especially the food, baby & pet food, chemistry, personal-care, and pharma industry.

Decades ago, Anders Jellesen founded Limitech A/S and back in September 2006 Anders Jellesen’s son, Jesper Vad Jellesen, joined the cooperation as CEO where he took the first step as second generationer. However, the vision for the company has not changed through the years when it comes to top quality, multifunctionality, customizations and happy customers.

For decades, Limitech A/S has dominated the industries with its technical advantages, high quality and powerful powder dissolving skills. Customers from all over the world contacts Limitech with jobs, no one else wish to take on, in providing solutions fitting special requirements of scale or functionality. Limitech offers a wide range of standalone plants as well as full process lines in their product assortment named “LiMiX, SuperFlow batch, SuperFlow inline and Cooqer”. A range that scales all the way from 10-liter batch mixers to 22,000-liter tanks, no task is too little or too large for Limitech.

Limitech is a family business and strike down on making customized solutions for its customers, making a machine or fully automated lines after their requirements. Limitech know their customers knows what is SMART and they know how to build it. Therefore, Limitech appreciate good sparring to create a system and machine perfect for each individual business and the people behind it. It must be of the highest quality both in product material as well as the technological system behind it.

Always willing to take on the challenge

To keep on bringing the best you must keep up your optimization and find better solutions to the ones you already have, which is exactly what the Danish manufacturer practices. The multifunctional solutions manufacturer Limitech A/S works at high pressure to secure satisfied customers even long after the purchase is completed and keep on optimizing its products to guarantee its customers the best process solutions on the market.

Limitech has decades of experience and believe the key to their success is the flexibility of their engineering and the extra mile they go to meet their customers’ needs and requirements always willing to take on the challenge. In addition, Limitech is a family business and an important part of the identity in the firm is that the consumers have a family feeling when doing business with the company. Limitech empower your process and makes it efficient and powerful as humanly possible – a skill and expertise gathered over decades of high experience giving Limitech the ultimate technical advantage.

Conquered the art of scale-up

Apart from customizations of engineering; should you have a process solution but wanting to scale up your process; Limitech is the right partner to choose for the job. Even though it is a challenging process, Limitech has conquered the art of scale-ups through decades of experience and hard work with an intensified focus on intensity, tip speed, tank turnover, mixers, agitators and geometric similarity etc. This has led to a perfect scale-up of all of Limitech’s process solutions. This for example means, that Limitech’s lab-mixer can be scaled up to your needs were the amount of product is easily fitted or that Limitech can assist you in your scale-up of your already existing plant or system.

Limitech has severely hit down on its ability to customize its process systems to whatever needs you might have. This mean that no matter machine it can be scaled both up and down after your needs. Because of scaleups process time has been reduced and new products are brought to the market at a very quick speed. So, scale-up to your desire and be guaranteed the same top-quality product. This is customization at its finest.

Ready for more growth

Limitech is thriving and ready for more growth as they increasingly have created more jobs, both in the office as well as the production. The customization and flexible practice the company brings to the competition has been a shortage in the industry making the company skyrocket through the industry for decades while still providing the highest quality. The company has a large line of process solutions, but should a customer have specific requirements the engineer department will engineer and build it after these requirements.


Fristrupvej 162-164

DK-9440 Aabybro

Phone: +45 98 24 31 44