The growing share of renewables in the electricity mix calls for an increase in flexibility to combat the associated volatility. enspired is a leading service provider for the commercial optimization of flexible power assets, implementing the most technologically advanced, data-driven and fully automated trading strategies to maximize profitability. As a specialist in cross-market battery optimization, enspired takes into account warranty terms such as safety aspects and asset degradation as well as commercial restrictions.

The company’s in-house AI platform is the fastest on the European short-term power market, enabling a diverse customer base of energy funds, utilities, asset developers, VPP operators and energy-intensive industries to monetize the full potential of their flexibility with minimum time-to-market. 

Interview with Jürgen Pfalzer, Chief Growth Officer at enspired.

Easy Engineering: What do you think will be the biggest challenges for the energy transition?

Jürgen Pfalzer: Balancing out grid fluctuations from the increase of renewables in the electricity mix. The intermittency of renewable sources comes with some challenges concerning security of supply. That’s why flexibility and storage capacities need to grow with renewable generation. Batteries allow us to store excess energy for later use.

E.E: Which are the most futuristic solutions from your portfolio?

J.P: Our fully automated, AI-powered approach to energy trading leverages speed and billions of data points to capture revenue in the energy markets. When enspired was founded at the start of the pandemic, trading automation wasn’t a thing. We made it marketable, and now fully automated trading activities are really taking off because human traders cannot keep up with the demand and complexity anymore. While our portfolio consists of different types of flexible power assets, our core focus is on cross-market battery optimization to diversify revenue streams for our customers. What our solution brings to the market is eventually not just reflected in profits but also in emission savings.

E.E: How does this solution translate to use cases?

J.P: We apply our trading strategies to a variety of power assets, from renewables and virtual power plants to demand response and battery storage. Once these assets are participating in the markets, we continually optimize their trading performance based on new forecasts and market data. We schedule energy production and consumption patterns for the assets with the most opportune prices so that customers can save and profit as much as possible. For exact use cases, we recommend taking a look at our case studieswith partners such as Energinet, EPEX SPOT, TotalEnergies and Gore Street Capital. 

E.E: What are the benefits your service brings to your clients?

J.P: Other than the obvious ones of profit maximization, cost minimization and emission savings, we offer our clients a comprehensive service from start to finish. They don’t need in-house trading desks or market access – it all goes through us. We value transparency. That’s why our customers have 24/7 access to a live dashboard tracking the trading progress we make for them. Through mutual knowledge sharing and regular exchanges, we ensure the best possible market results, not just for the client but with the client. 

E.E: How do your services ensure sustainability and efficiency in an electric future?

J.P: Increasing flexibility in the market through energy trading and storage optimization achieves both: sustainability because it reduces our dependency on conventional power sources and efficiency because everything is automated, hence quicker and less prone to human error.

Jürgen Pfalzer, CGO of enspired

E.E: What would you say to anyone who has concerns about the electric future?

J.P: There is no way around an electric future if we want to keep enjoying our planet. Challenges that arise through electrification create ground for innovation and new business cases. That’s a good thing! As a matter of fact, we set up an annual event to work on solutions for these challenges with key figures from every corner of the industry for exactly this purpose. We are happy to see that get enspired! has been very well received as a forum for the advancement of the energy transition, and we’re eager to keep working toward this shared industry goal!