ensutec Products GmbH develops, produces, sales and installs systems and products worldwide for optimizing processes in the painting and application technology sector. The company has gained an outstanding reputation for itself in recent years among many companies in almost all industries requiring surface coating (automotive, glass and bottle painting, wood and furniture, industry, bodywork and repair painting, leather, powder coating) with different products.

The airmatic Revolution is the latest innovation from ensutec Products GmbH. It concerns a newly developed compressed air treatment which guarantees absolute processing safety, thanks to a controlled minimum air humidity and a controllable compressed air temperature.

When the device was presented to the public for the first time, the specialist press praised it a ‘global innovation’. This was no exaggeration: The functionality of this ensutec system will genuinely revolutionise work in painting booths! The airmatic Revolution will make painting better, quicker and, most of all, cheaper as well.

The airmatic technology integrates the additive femablue, developed by ensutec Products GmbH, into the warmed atomized air. In the interim, several notable paint manufacturers have intensively tested the airmatic Revolution. The results were the same in all cases:

• The airmatic Revolution functions with all moisture-hardening solvent-based paint systems and air-drying painting systems;

• Booth air no longer requires humidification. The required humidity is maintained, even in changing climate conditions;

• The reaction process of the paint is activated on spraying. This significantly reduces energy consumption for the drying process;

• No charging is needed for the application process: The compressed air is guided through a magnetic field (ionized), meaning that the parts to be painted are already consistently discharged during the painting process;

• This improves the atomization of the warmed compressed air. This ensures maximum paint quality: better build-up of film, a more attractive overall look, higher transfer efficiency;

• The spraying hose is permanently rinsed out, as are the air channels of the spraying gun, meaning that no more dust is able to accumulate here;

• Fewer runs build up, inclusion of dirt and dust is significantly reduced;

• Overspray is reduced.

After years of strong growth and high capacity utilization, the company is experiencing a significant downturn due to the corona crisis. It is hard to estimate how long this will last and how long the subsequent regeneration phase will take.

Market trends

The major keyword is digitalization. This ranges from large corporations to small workshops and through all areas of the economy. Those who do not keep up with the times will fall behind. The spotlight will also fall back on the subject of saving costs to a greater extent in the months and years to come, after a long period of complete production capacity utilization.

The most innovative product on the market – airmatic atomization optimization

The airmatic atomization optimization – the core product of ensutec Products GmbH – consists of components including the EMP unit (high-voltage pressure tank), warming/air conditioning and a special filter, and as its name suggests, it optimizes the compressed air used for painting. The combination of these components enables the user to save on materials (paint, powder) by up to 20 %. Thanks to the innovative high-voltage technology, the paint is atomized and applied evenly, which means less overspray and higher transfer efficiency. It also creates a better surface quality and more homogeneous paintwork. Fewer dust inclusions, a more even layer thickness distribution etc. are positive side effects. The warming/air conditioning of the compressed air also enables constant painting conditions all year round and process safety too.