We are happy we had the chance to have a brief talk with Roger Wachter, EGS General Manager. We asked him why the company decided to bring rolling operations in-house and why they chose DAVI for their first plate roll purchase. Enjoy the interview below.

Euro Gas Systems (EGS) is a Romanian manufacturer of natural gas compressor packages driven by natural gas engines or electric motors (300-8,000 HP range). They design and manufacture the pressure vessels, then incorporate them into the compressor packages. When the production volume of larger size pressure vessels increased (where rolled plates is needed), EGS decided to invest in a plate roll instead of purchasing from sub-contractors.

“The vessels we currently roll have the following specs: diameter from 600 to 3,050 mm (24-120”), thickness from 12 to 60 mm (½” – 2½”), with length up to 2,800 mm (110”)”, was advised by Roger Wachter, EGS General Manager.  Upon receiving a DAVI presentation via email on a 4 roll plate rolling machine, he was impressed by the variant proposed by DAVI. “I was interested in the perspective of minimizing the flat end.  After receiving all the technical explanations, the huge reference list and international presence of DAVI were the final pieces of the puzzle for our decision”.

The experience with DAVI Sales and Technical team was positive since the beginning. “They were able to guide us selecting the right plate roll for our needs as well as the right options, and we always got prompt replies in the final steps of the negotiation”, added Roger. Moreover, the pandemic didn’t affect the delivery and installation schedule, that were concluded with full satisfaction of EGS.

“Today and thanks to our new plate roll, we’re having improvements in cost and better control on the material we need for our production; we don’t have to depend on sub-contractors’ lead time and we cut a great amount of freight cost”, continued Roger.

Another DAVI plate roll helping a customer to have a more competitive product for the new market we’re facing in these unprecedented times…

A final word from Roger: “All great marks for DAVI!”.