“Finally, back to meeting at the trade fair!” – You heard this comment very often at EXE Solar’s booth at the international trade fair Intersolar in mid-May. The trade visitors and the team of the photovoltaic and inverter supplier from Bolzano were very enthusiastic about being able to meet face-to-face again after the restrictions caused by the Corona pandemic.

“We missed the trade fair action here in Munich,” explained EXE Managing Director Mr. Günther Mederle, “Intersolar, as Europe’s largest trade fair, represents the annual industry offering, so it is also very important for us to be there and show our innovations.” These products were the PV systems “Triton 420 W” and “Mars 470 W”. Compared to the previous models, both panels offer more power, which can be fully accessed even on smaller roof areas. Another characteristic feature of Triton 420 W and Mars 470 W is the special glass, which has a less reflective effect. This effect was very well accentuated at the trade fair stand, which was open on all sides, thanks to the rotating exhibits.

International trade audience

For EXE Solar, the three days of the trade fair were marked by a constant high number of visitors, whereby the international character of the event was definitely confirmed. Marketing Manager Jenny Lamberts: “In addition to customers from Italy and German-speaking countries, we had many guests from Eastern European countries and Magreb states such as Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco. The number of visitors from Asia was less significant, which I’m sure is due to the pandemic travel restrictions still in place in some countries.”

In general, the EXE team registered high interest among the very competent audience at the 140 m² booth, the discussions mainly revolved around the technical features of the innovations, the topics of raw materials and logistics. Some trade fair visitors also placed orders for specific products. 

Top Brand PV Award Ceremony

A trade fair highlight at EXE Solar was the presentation of the Top Brand PV Award 2022 for Italy in the category PV modules by EuPD Research. EuPD Research offers primary data-based research and consulting services for sustainability-oriented companies on an international level. The main focus is on PV and electricity storage. 

In the independent survey conducted by EuPD Research, installers from Italy confirmed EXE Solar GmbH’s high brand awareness, customer orientation and distribution reach. For this outstanding result, EuPD Managing Director Markus A.W. Hoehner and Parag Bhamre (EuPD Research) presented the Top Brand PV Award to Mr. Egon Seelaus, Director of YAKAII Holding, at the Intersolar booth.

Growth market with unknowns

The market outlook for the second half of the year is primarily encouraging at EXE Solar. Managing Director Mr. Günther Mederle: “Intersolar showed that the growth trend will persist. The demand is enormous, as many expect electricity prices to continue to rise” However, in addition to the unforeseeable consequences of the Ukraine war, the shortage of raw materials and problems in the international freight and logistics business are considered to be major unknowns. The company has taken precautions here and increased its own storage capacities. However, it is not possible at this stage to make reliable long-term forecasts.