The aim of this study is to present the possibilities for B&P Engineering to adapt the functionality of its devices to the needs of its customers.

Machinery and process equipment used in the food industry must meet the highest standards of workmanship and product safety. Therefore, at B&P Engineering, we make every effort to ensure that the machines and devices that leave our plant are modern and their construction guarantees cleanliness and eliminates the risks associated with contamination of the product by failure or improper use.

B&P Engineering offers a wide range of process machines and skid systems that can be adapted to individual customer needs, including:

Example 1: Directing the finished product to different locations in the plant.

In the first example of modification, our client needed a universal device to pasteurize raw juice and to filter the concentrate in order to eliminate Alicyclobacillus (ACB) spores.

The customer placed great emphasis on the fact that the device should guarantee product safety and have an operating parameter archiving function.

The possibility of directing the processed raw material to different places in the plant was also very important.

We proposed the MONA Aseptic Filtration System.

MONA is a system for pasteurization and filtration of concentrate in order to eliminate Alicyclobacillus (ACB) spores. The control program supervises the operation of the device and takes care of the procedures that guarantee the sterility of the process and the safety of the product. All operating parameters are archived and available in the form of reports.

The modification in the first example concerned the MONA system software and plant piping, which were designed to allow safe selection of product routes and for the product to be directed through the switching panel to a concentrate tank room, aseptic tank room, bottler or directly to a tanker.

Example 2: Processing different volumes of juice using the same evaporator

In this example, we had a customer who processes apples and coloured fruits. In order to optimize the investment costs, he required that the processing be carried out using one evaporator system. The customer’s problem was that the single volume of a pulp batch of coloured fruits is significantly smaller than the volume of the pulp batch of apples processed at the full capacity of the evaporator. In order to meet the expectations of this customer and the whole market, we designed an evaporator station in which the capacity mode can be changed.

The supplied evaporator station enables the processing of apples with a capacity of up to 40,000 l/h of juice inflow. The processing of coloured fruits can be carried out with a capacity of as little as 10,000 l/h of juice inflow. This was achieved by dividing the flow sieves in the falling film columns into three sections. Pneumatic valves installed at the top of each column direct the juice to one, two or all sections to allow operation in the following capacity modes:

  • low: 10,000-22,000 l/h of juice inflow
  • high: 20,000-40,000 l/h of juice inflow

Within each mode, the capacity can be continuously adjusted.

It is also important to note that the change of the operating mode is fully automatic without the need for mechanical intervention by the operator

The customer has the possibility of processing the raw material with different efficiency adjusted to the current possibilities and quantity of available raw material.

Example 3: Processing different types of raw materials and installing a detergent dispenser

The third example of modifications introduced based on discussions with a client concerns a pasteurizer. The customer had a pasteurizer, but the device required constant supervision and control of operating parameters. He wanted to reduce the risk of operator errors by automating the pasteurization process. During conversations with the client, we learned that he also wanted to process vegetable purees with the pasteurizer. Finally, his additional, equally important wish was to optimise the feeding of cleaning agents in order to increase the level of work safety.

We proposed a pasteurizer with a tubular exchanger and an automatic detergent dispenser.

The software controlling the operation of the pasteurizer in combination with automation and measuring devices eliminates the need for constant supervision. All operating parameters are available in the form of reports. To enable pasteurization of various types of raw materials, we replaced the plate heat exchanger with a tubular heat exchanger. A stirrer was added to the buffer tank to prevent the product from settling (in the case of vegetable purées).

An additional modification was the introduction of automatic dispensing of cleaning agents. The dispenser consists of dispensing pumps placed in two containers filled with acid and alkali. The dispenser eliminates the need for manual measuring and adding of cleaning agents. Based on conductivity meter readings, the system allocates the appropriate cleaning agent to maintain the desired parameters during the cleaning stage.

Our customer received a machine tailored to his needs. He is satisfied with the automation of the pasteurization process and the increased level of work safety that we have achieved.

The company also provides services in the field of mechanical engineering on the basis of the documentation provided or individual idea. Responsible for each stage of the project, the implementation of which is supervised by an experienced manager. It also provides full warranty and post-warranty service, as well as instant access to original spare parts.

When designing, we use modern technology and apply it in such a way that our client can achieve maximum benefits from the use of the device provided by us.

We will design a process device for your needs:

  • to the place you have,
  • we use the latest automation and measurement techniques,
  • we adjust the functions of the control system,
  • we guarantee the safety of your product.

Moreover, B&P Engineering specialises in the design and manufacturing of stainless-steel tanks. In 2020, we launched an automated line for their production, being the most modern of this kind in Europe. We are the founding company of the B&P Group.

We focus on providing solutions for the industry that enable our clients to achieve success.

We look forward to working with you!