FAT HACO is a World known manufacturer of high-quality CNC lathes. About the types and sizes, they base 3 pillars: heavy-duty lathes such as our TUR 3MN / 4MN series, multipurpose turning-milling centers like the new FCTS 900 and the third pillar are their flat beds of which the SMN is the most popular series. Besides these 3 main categories the company offers a lot of turnkey projects designed and manufactured to the specifications of our customers. 

FAT HACO goes around the world to offer the customers high quality lathes and excellent after-sales service. They pride themselves in knowing that FAT lathes are known to be robust, reliable, and precise machinery throughout their long-lasting lifecycle in many demanding industries.

Easy Engineering: How do these products / services differ from other types on the market?

FAT HACO: Our machines are manufactured from A to Z in our factory in Wroclaw. More than 90 percent of their mechanical parts are produced locally. The machines are equipped with high quality devices (electrics, electronics, wiring, bearings, ball screws, tools) delivered by the best world-class suppliers, both from Poland and other countries. Cooperation with high-profile, class leading companies is a must for us, as our machines are ever more technologically advanced, and they require components of the highest quality. The combination of world-class technology and in-house production gives the FAT HACO lathes their abilities and their reliability as we can ensure the quality from start to finish.

We build each machine according to the individual requirements of the customer, and we offer special, non-standard solutions with lots of options for customization. Careful, manual adjustment and scrapping of cooperating elements of machines enable failure-free operation and keeping geometric precision for a long time.

E.E: What customer profiles are you targeting?

FAT HACO: Our customers are situated in many different branches. Everywhere where turned steel products in small and medium batches are needed, we can find our clients and our machinery. The most popular areas are: hydraulic, repair shops, marine, aircraft, machine builders, power plants, transport, paper, energy, and many others.

E.E: What kind of work do users who use these products / services do?

FAT HACO: The main task for lathe is turning. But we frequently equip our machines with additional options which enable such operations like milling, drilling, grinding, whirling, boring and others.   

E.E: How do your products / services improve user work?

FAT HACO: All our products are 100% developed and designed in our factory in Wroclaw. We attach foremost importance to the safety, ergonomics, and comfort of the operator’s work. If any exceptional option or machine is needed, we develop the whole project together with the end user to ensure the best solution for him.

E.E: What innovative features do the products / services have?

FAT HACO: We developed our FCTS 900 model with full 5-axis technology enabling it to deliver a very versatile range of production capabilities. This multipurpose turning-milling center is able to produce very simple and very complex pieces on the same platform. Reducing the need for large floor space and reducing the needed investment in multiple machines. 

Together with Siemens we offer a wide range on industry 4.0 applications which allows the client to monitor the machine during its operations. The production cycle can be optimized making the machine even more efficient. These applications also include service-related features to keep the machine in excellent working condition with minimum downtime thanks to preventive maintenance notifications and advanced machine metrics. 

E.E: What are the most common problems and how did you help solve them?

FAT HACO: As the whole industry of machine tool manufacturers and many other branches we suffer because of epidemiological situation. It limits possible visits, agreements at the table, testing the machines together with the customers. These limits are relatively easy to be solved by on-line meetings. We organize testing and presentations of our machines in real time to involve our customers at every step. Much more difficult situation will be the expected worldwide recession and much longer than usually time of contractors’ decisions regarding investments. We believe, that offering the best quality and reliability we will keep our strong position even in this difficult period.

E.E: What products / solutions are you going to launch in the future?

FAT HACO: We are moving towards bigger and bigger special projects, towards large machines with advanced technology. Our aim is to provide huge stand-alone machines and to manufacture complete production lines for complicated machining operations.

Our parallel task is to constantly modernize the existing models so that they can handle the present and future challenges with ease.

E.E: What are your estimations for the end of the year?

FAT HACO: We do not expect any exciting boom for machine tools on the market in the next 5-6 months. Hardworking, perfect services for customers, close collaboration with sales network are our weapons for stability and development.