A closure system that can be opened with one hand and that allows user-friendly, clean and precise dosing of the contents. This was our aim. In June 2021 we celebrated an important milestone on the way to achieving this goal. The Flipdropper impressed the international jury at the WPO World Packaging Organisation and was awarded a Worldstar title. This closure received yet more special praise from the high-profile jury at the 2021 Pharmapack Awards in the primary packaging category. It stood out particularly in the areas of design, functionality and user-friendliness. 

Our customers and partners can now take a look our latest developments.

Benefits – at a glance: 

  • No tiresome screwing the closure on and off
  • Tamper-evident opening
  • Simple, intuitive push/pull mechanism
  • Easy dosing (drops can be counted) 
  • Quick product access
  • Open and dispense product with one hand
  • Residue-free liquid return
  • Empties container down to the last drop
  • Patented product

Good reasons to choose the Heinlein Flipdropper®

Easy to use

The packaging is easy and intuitive to open thanks to the push/pull mechanism: this means there is no need to unscrew the packaging. Only the tamper-proof seal on the closure must be removed by pulling gently when opening it for the first time.

Doubly secure packaging

Heinlein closures offer maximum functionality and practical handling combined with the legally required level of reliability. The tamper-evident function of the seal on the closure and neck of the bottle ensures that your liquid is guaranteed to be tamper-proof. 

At a glance

The tamper-evident function of the closure allows users to immediately identify if the product has already been opened. When opened for the first time, the seal in the closure cap falls into a special pocket, where it remains.

Two in one

The universal dropper is usually cast separately from the closure and then mounted into the cap during a second production step. This is not the case for this product. The closure system is cast as a single part, i.e. the dropper cannot fall out of the closure during later processing or during dosing. 

Perfect dosing

Universal droppers are used whenever the effects of incorrect dosing are relatively minor, e.g. cough syrup, nutritional supplements or essential oils. Nonetheless, liquids can be easily dosed using the integrated universal dropper. The dropper releases drops that are easy to count. 

An all-rounder

Whether for lifestyle products, essential oils, massage oils or OTC products: the Flipdropper is suitable for liquids of various viscosities. Get in touch to ask us about other areas of application.

Easy to process

The single piece closure can be processed in all common sealing machines. Our technicians will help you make the necessary changes to your machines. Please let us know if you require additional feed rails or screw heads. 

FLIPDROPPER® applications 

Since liquids can be used for a wide variety of different applications, it was important to design the Flipdropper to be equally as versatile. During development, all requirements were combined into one modern design. The integrated universal dropper ensures perfect dosing and clean return of the liquid into the bottle (depending on the liquid). The flip hinge is not only a single-piece closure system, it also allows the dropper to be operated using a single hand. The Flipdropper has been designed for use by many different target groups for a wide range of applications. 

  • Pharmaceuticals 
    Essential oils, syrups, skin oils, oral solutions etc. 
  • Cosmetics 
    Skin oils (body oils, face oil), suntan lotions, baby oils, hair care oils
  • Food 

Liquid spices, essential oils, extracts 

  • Nutritional supplements 

Vitamins, herbal concentrates, other solutions

Product details 

Closure type:              Single-piece closure 

Short name:      KVT-18.202   

Material:                      PE-HD (pharmaceutical grade)

Features:                     Double tamper-evident opening, dropper function

Closure contour:        Finely ridged surface

Colours:                       White, other colours on request

Development status:   Samples available  

We can send free samples anywhere in Europe within 48 hours. 

Simply get in touch! 

For further information, contact: info@heinlein-plastik.de

CRC PIPETTE – Child-resistant pipette set with tamper-proof closure 

`The new CRC pipette design collection from Heinlein Plastik-Technik combines the latest technology with high-quality design. 

The market for CBD products is growing – and we can expect demand to continue rising due to their positive effects on a variety of health problems, such as chronic pain, stress, anxiety, depression or digestive problems. Products containing CBD usually come as liquid oils or tinctures, which allows a specific number of drops to be accurately dosed. Anyone wishing to process CBD products needs reliable and high-quality primary packaging materials that are certified according to ISO 8317 and US CFR 16 1700.20. 

Development status of the HEINLEIN KSV pipette 

Samples available. Samples available on request: 




Material: NBR, oil-resistant material 

Volume:  1.0 ml 

Colour: black 


Outer cap material: polypropylene (PP)  

Inner cap material: polypropylene (PP) or high-density polyethylene (PE-HD) 

Features: child-resistant and tamper-evident opening 

Contours: smooth surface 

Colours: white, black, other colours on request

Finishes: gold, chrome, wood effect, matte, gloss etc.  

Certification: according to ISO 8317 and US 16 CFR § 1700.20


Materials: plastic, glass 

Lengths: for all standard bottle sizes 

Graduation: printed graduation is possible 


  • Balloon tip
  • Balloon tip, curved 
  • Capillary tip 


Mouth of bottle: GL-18 

Materials: glass or PET 

Bottle sizes: 5-100 ml 

Pipette with graduation 


We offer a variety of colours and finishing options. Virtually all customer wishes can be accommodated. 

Gold, chrome, wood effect, matte, gloss 


Child-resistant closures by Heinlein combine optimised functionality and handling with the reliability required by law. Our KSV pipette is accordingly certified according to DIN EN ISO 8317 and US 16 CFR § 1700-20.

At first sight

The tamper-evident function of the closure allows consumers to immediately identify if the product has already been opened. The tamper-evident ring detaches after it is opened for the first time, falls onto the shoulder of the bottle and remains there. 


The KSV pipette is highly versatile. Lifestyle or OTC products, CBD or care oils: the range of potential applications is extensive and diverse 


We offer a variety of colours and finishing options: gold, chrome, wood effect, matt and glossy – more available on request. Virtually all customer wishes can be accommodated. 


Our KSV pipette allows products to be precisely dosed. The printed pipette graduation (custom options are available) indicates extracted volumes of between 0.25 and 1.0 ml. 


The oil-resistant suction bulb with a capacity of 1 ml is particularly effective and can also apply larger quantities. Ideally shaped to extract even the last drops. 


As an international company and manufacturer of high-quality primary packaging, we bear a high degree of responsibility toward our customers, business partners and employees. We embrace this responsibility by making resource conservation and active environmental protection key elements of our company’s work towards sustainable management. 

The Heinlein energy management system has been certified since 2012 and is a constant encouragement to continue improving our energy efficiency. 

Being and remaining innovative is one of the most important requirements in our industry. We use cutting-edge technology and materials to continually promote and develop fresh approaches for smart packaging solutions. Developing innovative products, reappraising established processes and improving our support are the goals that drive and inspire us every day. 

With Mission e, Heinlein Plastik-Technik is showing how plastic packaging can be developed to be sustainable from the outset. Material, weight and recyclability are key factors. 

Consumers are increasingly conscious of using environmentally friendly products and want to be sure that the packaging is not only safe for the environment, but also secure. 

Working with our customers, we develop solutions that optimally combine quality and sustainability by producing our closure systems using sustainable resources. Find out more about which closure systems can be made using biobased materials at our upcoming trade shows. 

Heinlein specialises in the development and production of pharmaceutical primary packaging and custom plastic packaging. The company pursues ambitious sustainability goals in both areas. Sustainable criteria can ensure that less energy is consumed during both the development and production phases. 

We use cutting-edge technology and materials to continually promote and develop fresh approaches for smart packaging solutions.


With almost ninety years of industry experience and expertise, Heinlein Plastik-Technik remains as committed as ever to maintaining its market position as a specialist for the development and production of primary packaging. With the unwavering commitment of our highly qualified staff and the support of modern technology and environmental measures, we will continue to provide our customers and partners around the globe with high-quality packaging solutions that fully comply with all regulatory quality requirements.

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