Flow Robotics is a Denmark-based vendor of robots for automated liquid handling, which strives to make an impact in health and science from behind the scene.

Humans and robots working in parallel

The robot, flowbot® ONE, performs liquid handling tasks in the laboratory and takes over many of the repetitive and burdensome manual pipetting tasks. This improves reliability and enables lab personnel to engage in other activities, increasing the productivity of the lab in general.

flowbot® ONE is a plug and play solution with high precision and is developed for immediate adjustment. It does not require programming skills and can be used by anyone. Consequently, there is no need for complicated programming if a procedure changes in a lab.

Thus, the technology is setting a precedent across the world in life sciences, healthcare and academia for faster and more accurate lab results, and helps labs achieve a more sustainable setup where humans and robots can work in parallel.

User flexibility

flowbot® ONE’s intuitive and flexible system is being used at some of the largest hospitals, biotech and pharmaceutical companies and academic research labs across the world.

Nordic Bioscience, a biomarker powerhouse performing research and developing novel biomarkers, automated their clinical lab equipment with the flowbot® ONE to help optimize the work process and reduce pipetting for biomarker measurements.

“Hands-on time has been reduced from 2:15 hours to 20 min when running up to 8 biomarkers simultaneously in the lab. In addition, flowbot® ONE allowed us to increase the throughput from 4-5 plates tested per technician to 6-8 plates by simply introducing the automatic pipetting device to the workflow. We have also seen a significant decrease in pipetting injuries”, confirms Kishwar Musa, Director of the Clinical Lab at Nordic Bioscience, who has introduced the solution for preparing ELISA-plates for analysis.

Flow Robotics’ focus remains on developing easy and intuitive software and making automation technology accessible for all. Consequently, the company is always looking for ways to expand and meet the challenges of tomorrow.

“In the light of the pandemic, we have seen a need for less human interaction in the laboratories. We are currently looking towards expanding the applications of flowbot® ONE to meet that demand. In addition, we are adding new ways of ensuring a sterile work environment and contamination prevention”, explains Chief Technology Officer Steen Vester from Flow Robotics.

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