FoxInsights has set itself the goal of revolutionising the ordering behaviour and supply chains for energy sources – because they believe in a more sustainable and efficient use of natural resources, time, and finances. 

By providing intelligent tank data analysis, the progressive IoT company from Munich, Germany enables companies to optimise their business processes and resource efficiency. Based on the idea of remote tank monitoring, FoxInsights develops data-driven, customer-oriented, and measurably successful solutions that create real added value for sales, marketing, and logistics. 

Interview with Sylvia Kerscher, Head of Sales at FoxInsights.

Easy Engineering: A brief description of the company and its activities 

Sylvia Kerscher: FoxInsights earned the trust of more than 180 Partner companies in the energy, mobility, and recycling sectors across Europe. This makes them one of the European market and innovation leaders in remote monitoring intelligence for Lubricants, LPG, pellets, waste oil, heating oil, and diesel.


Through data collection and analysis as well as the use of artificial intelligence FoxInsights’ holistic solutions answer the question “How much is in the tank?” and derive recommended actions that allow Partners to map the needs of end-customers, forecast ordering behaviour, improve disposition planning, and reduce truck kilometres per litre delivered.

The solutions are customised based on the ever-evolving FoxInsights ecosystem, which links hardware and software products for the collection, analysis, and use of tank level data. 

The ecosystem consists of four components: 

With the FoxHardware devices, tank levels are identified digitally, remotely, daily, and reliably accurate. This data is sent to the FoxInsights Cloud and forms the basis for the FoxInsights services. 

The FoxPortal is both a central information hub and assistant for sales, marketing and logistics teams. It processes the collected data and gives insights into all customer information and fuel consumption. The clear presentation of all data allows to identify customer needs and actively address them with relevant topics. 

The FoxMobile app gives end-customers all the information they need at their fingertips, such as accurate fill level, consumption and remaining range. Ordering is also possible, so are push notifications in case of low fill levels or regarding current offers. 

The FoxIntelligence services based on artificial intelligence support Partners in daily resource planning by deriving valuable recommendations for action from fill levels at the click of a mouse. Through intelligent data analysis the sales assistant calculates the order probabilities and predicted order quantities of end customers daily and per tank. This enables Partners to achieve a higher success rate in outbound sales, and significantly reduces the workload of sales teams. 


  • Data-driven decision-making and customer management through digital transformation 
  • Increased profitability through higher conversion rates 
  • Future-proofness as well as ecological and economic sustainability through optimised processes in sales, logistics and supply chain management 
  • Improved customer loyalty thanks to the FoxMobile app as an additional touchpoint with high opening rates and direct communication 
  • Added value for end-customers through transparent information and modern contract models 

E.E: What’s the news about new products?

S.K: “We have developed our DispatchingAI service, based on artificial intelligence, to answer the question: who really needs a delivery right now? This allows our partners to further optimise their logistics and reduce operational costs by up to a third!

“We have also developed our SalesAI service, which calculates both order probabilities and predicted order quantities of end-customers daily and per tank, enabling our partners to achieve a higher success rate in outbound sales, as well as significantly reducing the workload of their sales teams.

E.E: At what stage is the market where you are currently active?

S.K: Everyone knows that data is relevant and has the power to enable great things for each company but also the industry. We see further implementations but also the challenges with which companies are tasked. It’s even more important to enable the leaders with the right capabilities or make sure to hire new potentials with the ability to integrate a digital product but also to create change projects and support the company through this transition phase. Through our product sales and logistics people get a much sharper data analysis to base their actions on daily measurements. This enables the market as well to change job profiles to attract further talent.

E.E: What can you tell us about market trends?

S.K: We see that automation is becoming highly relevant and is embedded in several strategic pillars. Further, the active request from customers seems to pick up to digitalize fill levels in order to also leverage a value add for them. Standardization and integrations are becoming key assets for each company to leverage the data.