BREEAM® is the most widespread certification in the field of energy-saving and sustainable buildings. In addition to energy efficiency and emphasis on avoiding energy waste, it includes a wide range of other aspects such as availability of materials, natural ventilation, use of suitable cooling agents, emissions, land use, waste management and others.

For LIDL (international retailer chain), environmental management is one of the important priorities. Thanks to this, their new logistics center in Buštěhrad received the elite BREEAM In Use certification and was placed in the leading positions with an exceptional rating, even in an international comparison.

This LC is unique for several reasons. Domat Control System helped improve energy management in two ways:

Waste heat – we take waste heat from the cooling units, which we use as part of the regulation to heat domestic hot water and for underfloor heating, thus covering up to 50% of the total heat energy consumption. Savings due to the use of waste heat reach approximately 4,750 GJ per year.

Lighting – economical LED lighting is used for lighting, which we monitor and can subsequently control manually or time-wise. Its intensity and lighting time can thus be used based on the use of space, the needs of users or the intensity of daylight, thereby effectively optimizing energy consumption.

Energy savings, sustainability and environmental friendliness – these are the main topics of today’s construction. We are aware of their importance, which is why we are happy to expand them together with you.

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