Galvani Power is an innovative startup based in Modena (Motor Valley). They are a new protagonist in the technological transition to make electrification faster, accessible, and sustainable for all. Galvani Power produces bespoke, flexible, and scalable modular lithium battery packs designed to adapt to a vast range of technological applications, and developed according to the quality, reliability and safety requirements needed. Galvani Power’s technology provides battery options aimed at a diverse range of products and markets. The copany develops batteries for automotive, marine, agro, transportation, aerospace and industrial power machinery, all while ensuring the same industry-leading quality, safety, reliability, and sustainability. Their mission is to become a benchmark in the electrification industry, offering high-quality products, personalized services and an easy shopping experience for our customers. 

Here, a list of focal points on which our product is based:

  • A totally industrial and modular production process, to lower engineering costs, without sacrificing performance. 
  • An optimized supply chain for reliable production, without time loss. 
  • A solution designed to be easily disassembled, ensuring the best maintenance, reusability and recycling. 
  • Battery configuration according to customer specific needs to get the most out of the powertrain, without waste. 
  • Technology treated in every detail: safety, modularity, integration, control electronics, chemistry, thermal management, monitoring and end of life.

Interview with Aurora Malossi, Marketing & Communications Responsible at Galvani Power.

Easy Engineering: What are the main areas of activity of the company?

Aurora Malossi: Galvani Power was created to meet the need for batteries in the market, not satisfied by the Gigafactory. These are based on a production model that does not deal with serving a large market share like SMEs and that lacks production flexibility. As mature and saturated as this may seem, the vacuum left by current lithium battery manufacturers is large. 

In this sense, our business model is based on the internal production of our product, which allows us to maintain control over quality and costs, as well as to provide our customers with a personalized and high-quality service. Our strength is based on the modularity of the batteries that allows the creation of the same for several sectors.

E.E: What’s the news about new products?

A.M: Galvani Power modular battery packs are based on certified modules complete with control electronics and cooling system. Module features enable fast, industrial and scalable production of the right batteries for every shape, size, performance and industry. The batteries are also designed to allow efficient and rapid disassembly, a key element for end-of-life management. In parallel, each individual cell is monitored at all times by the digital diagnosis system.

E.E: What are the ranges of products?

A.M: Galvani Power’s technology provides battery options aimed at a diverse range of products and markets. We develop batteries for automotive, marine, agro, transportation, aerospace and industrial power machinery.

Battery packs for small automotive series: Supercars, Hypercars, Solar vehicles, Special vehicles. High-voltage, high-performance, high-efficiency battery packs to achieve high EV ranges, fast charged to minimize charging time and liquid cooled to ensure excellent performance even under stress.

Battery packs for construction vehicles: Battery packs low voltage and high voltage, very safe and high number of life cycles to ensure a low total cost of ownership. They can be equipped with air or liquid cooling systems to guarantee excellent performance even at extreme temperatures (-20, 50 ºC).

Battery packs for boats such as: hybrid yachts, electric yachts, electric speedboats (also high performance). Battery packs sealed with IP67 certification to ensure maximum safety even in the marine environment. It is possible to install air or liquid cooling systems to guarantee excellent performance even at extreme temperatures (-20, 50 ºC).

Battery packs for aircraft: drones, small planes. Extremely compact battery packs with high power or energy density technologies, depending on the application. The chemicals used are the safest on the market to ensure operation under all conditions.

Battery packs for high power applications: particle accelerators, grid. Specific solutions to ensure high power accompanied by high voltage for long times, great advantage compared to solutions with super/ ultra capacitors.

Battery packs for agricultural applications: electric or hybrid tractors, collectors. Battery packs with high energy specific properties to maximize the useful working time of the vehicle compared to its weight. The selected chemicals have a high number of life cycles to ensure a long service life. They can be equipped with air or liquid cooling systems to guarantee excellent performance even at extreme temperatures (-20, 50 ºC).

E.E: At what stage is the market where you are currently active?

A.M: The market for lithium batteries in industrial applications is in a growth phase, with increasing demand driven by the growing need for energy storage systems in various industries such as transportation, renewable energy, and grid storage. The increasing adoption of electric vehicles and renewable energy systems, as well as advancements in battery technology, are expected to continue driving the growth of the lithium battery market in the coming years.

E.E: What can you tell us about market trends?

A.M: The need for lithium batteries in industrial applications has been on the upswing, bolstered by the surge in electric vehicles, the growing adoption of renewable energy systems, and the requirement for energy storage solutions for grid stability. The advancements in lithium battery technology have been ongoing, with a focus on enhancing the energy density, safety, and cost-effectiveness of batteries for industrial use. There has also been an increasing interest in developing sustainable solutions for battery end-of-life management, such as recycling and reuse of battery in different ways, as the use of lithium batteries continues to expand.

In response to the mounting demand for lithium batteries, many companies have been investing in increasing their production capacity to meet market needs. 

Summary of trends: increasing demands, technological development, sustainability, expansion of production capacity and competition.

E.E: What are the most innovative products marketed?

A.M: Innovation is often about solving a problem in a unique and inventive way. In today’s market, some of the most innovative products that have caught the public’s attention are those that utilize cutting-edge technology to provide new and improved experiences. Examples of such products include electric cars.

These products have been developed to cater to the needs of modern consumers.

The lithium battery market has seen several innovative products and technologies introduced in recent times. These innovations aim to enhance the performance, safety, and sustainability of lithium batteries for various applications.

One of the areas of innovation is the advancements in battery management systems, which allow for more efficient and effective monitoring and control of lithium batteries. Furthermore, there is a growing interest in recycling and reusing lithium batteries, which is a crucial aspect of sustainable battery end-of-life management.

Overall, the lithium battery market is continuously evolving, and there are new and innovative products and technologies being introduced to meet the increasing demand for high-performance and sustainable energy storage solutions.

In this way Galvani Power follow all the innovative needs, indeed we produce high performance, safe and sustainable lithium batteries.

E.E: What estimations do you have for 2023?

A.M: 2023 is our first year of actual operation – as a consequence – we don’t consider turnover as the paramount indicator. Our aim is to achieve final engineering of our product base, serve our initial clients and roll out our manufacturing facility near Modena. The location element is important, as it gives us proximity to a host of clients in the agro, off-highway, marine and aerospace segments which are our prime targets.