Gardner Denver’s smart IoT analytics system, iConn, is now available as a subscription streaming service that enables plant operators and equipment providers to stay fully in control of all their compressed air processes – 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The iConn HD upgrade pushes critical information about the operating parameters of any Gardner Denver compressor, such as temperature, pressure and running time, to a web-based dashboard every minute, allowing for real-time monitoring and predictive analysis on mobile devices.

The ‘plug-and-play’ bespoke solution can be configured to give end users and service providers exactly the information they want, when they want it – ensuring the health and performance of their installation is totally protected.

Gardner Denver’s standard iConn service, which supports ancillary and compressed air products from other brands, delivers data every 12 hours. No additional hardware or platform features are required to upgrade to iConn HD for Gardner Denver machines.

As Industry 4.0 drives the need for users to share and analyse asset data, customers are demanding more intelligent insights into their compressed air performance to remove risks, improve productivity and reduce energy consumption.

iConn and iConn HD have been developed with this in mind, providing a detailed overview of systems, helping users to look at key operating data and, crucially, highlighting any potential issues before they become a real problem.

Alarms and warnings reduce the risk of downtime, while remote sites can be easily monitored and compressor performance optimised, with machine parameters and trend analysis over time made possible thanks to storage of data. All this can provide tangible benefits to a business’ bottom line.

Both iConn and iConn HD only collect machine data and use the 3G/mobile network, meaning there is absolutely no connectivity with an end user or service provider’s wi-fi network or computer system, and commands cannot be transmitted to a machine’s controller.

Marius Breusers, Aftermarket Product Manager EMEA, said: “iConn HD allows plant managers to measure costs and efficiencies utilising the most up-to-date machine information available. By choosing iConn HD, operators can enjoy greater peace of mind, increased control and improved cost-savings over time. Two, three and six-year subscriptions are available.”