SECO/WARWICK delivered a roller hearth type furnace line to produce spheroidizing rings for the bearing industry. The system will be operated in the Kielce plant of the global bearing manufacturer NSK. 

This is the second delivery of this type of system. The first line featuring a SECO/WARWICK roller hearth furnace has been operating in the factory for seven years. This type of equipment has technological roots in the US. It was on that market that SECO/WARWICK started its technological adventure. 

A roller hearth furnace system is a process automation of the first kind

The unit is intended to spheroidize anneal bearing steel forgings. The process line, built around a roller hearth furnace, is intended to be used for the heat treatment of workpieces, following downstream processes that are then assembled into bearings that are used in the automotive sector. 

The entire automated process line consists of a loading table with a drive, loading elevators with side handling, heating chambers, controlled cooling chambers, cooling tunnels, unloading elevators and tables as well as the control cabinet featuring a complete automated visualization system that provides comprehensive control over the course of the production process. Such an equipment line fully guarantees total automation of the process, and perfect repeatability of the workpieces. The repeatability and the high quality are also important factors for the production of items as sensitive as bearings. 

“We know that bearing production requires a huge amount of precision. The required metallographic structure can be achieved in the production process only with a strict and repeatable regime during the thermal process cycle. That is why our production line intended for this purpose is based on the full automation of processes. This enables the elimination of all errors resulting from the human factor.

This is the second example of our cooperation with NSK. We are delivering exactly the same product as in 2015, showing us that we are a reliable partner for them. After seven years of operation of the first system, NSK again selected SECO/WARWICK. We couldn’t expect a greater compliment. We strive to be a partner that listens, solves problems, customizes the technology, and above all, meets the requirements of even the most demanding production processes,” said Piotr Skarbiński, VP in charge of this product segment, SECO/WARWICK Group.

Technology for the most demanding customers

NSK Ltd. was established in 1916, taking over the interests of the Nippon Seiko Limited Partnership Company. For more than 100 years they have been manufacturing high-quality bearings used in virtually all industries. The Polish plants of NSK manufacture bearings that require a lot of precision, thus the purchase of the unit for spheroidize annealing bearing steel forgings that will significantly increase the capacity of the Kielce plant. 

“SECO/WARWICK is a pioneer of modern technologies for metal heat treatment. The design of the line that we purchased enables our company to achieve the highest strength and structural parameters of the workpieces and, most importantly, ensures production repeatability. We have selected SECO/WARWICK again based on our previous positive experience and product quality. We have been operating the first system for seven years now and it still offers reliability and precision. This is why when it comes to metal heat treatment, SECO/WARWICK is a good choice for us,” said Grzegorz Banachowski, NSK.

For almost 100 years SECO/WARWICK has been shaping the global metallurgical and heat treatment industry, delivering industrial furnaces to the leading companies in the aviation, automotive, machinery, medical, tooling, power and commercial heat treatment industries.

SECO/WARWICK Group has 9 companies located on three continents with customers in nearly 70 countries. The company provides standard or customized state-of-the-art heat processing equipment and technologies to leading companies in the following industries: automotive, aerospace, electronics, tooling, medical, recycling, energy including nuclear, wind, oil, gas, and solar and production of steel, titanium and aluminum.