GRANCO CLARK, a global leader in the aluminum extrusion industry, custom designing and manufactures a full range of aluminum extrusion equipment, including some of the world’s largest aluminum extrusion systems. The company produces all required equipment to heat, cool, pull, stretch, cut, stack, age, and store aluminum extrusions. Leading in optimizing extrusion technologies and processes, their automated equipment is designed, fully assembled, and shop tested to the specific requirements of your extrusion process to deliver exceptional efficiency, productivity, and longevity.

Easy Engineering: A brief description of the company and its activities.

GRANCO CLARK: Since 1947, GRANCO CLARK has designed and manufactured custom high-grade, robust equipment for the aluminum extrusion industry, delivered and installed worldwide. 

GRANCO CLARK continues to develop and refine extrusion equipment for the industry, becoming one of the rare “single source” suppliers available to extruders for all ancillary equipment around the extrusion press. 

GRANCO CLARK is known for manufacturing the most advanced and durable equipment. In 1959, GRANCO CLARK introduced the first direct-flame impingement furnace to the industry. Our designs and technology continue to evolve through the years, and our GRANCO CLARK furnace remains one of the fastest, most efficient ways to heat billets and logs. 

Along with this leading industry innovation, GRANCO CLARK has developed additional equipment that has enhanced productivity, reduced labor, and increased profile quality. From the first computer-controlled handling system to the patented GRANCO CLARK FusionBond® and Hot Saw technologies (elimination of two-piece billets), GRANCO CLARK equipment is the smart choice.

This video is excellent for seeing an entire production line, except for the press:

E.E: What are the main areas of activity of the company?

GRANCO CLARK: GRANCO CLARK has the expertise and know-how with twenty-four highly educated mechanical and controls engineers on staff. 

With more than 40 years of experience in the field, our customers can access time-tested knowledge and expertise. With cutting-edge software, our engineers can thoroughly design, test, and examine every aspect of your solution to ensure it will perform as expected. 

All equipment is fully assembled and shop tested before it ships. 

Granco Clark has provided quality USA-made Aluminum Extrusion Heating and Handling Equipment. American craftsmanship and technology, backed by a focus on quality, is an integral part of our custom equipment. 

Granco Clark’s 90,000-square-foot modern facility is a full-service manufacturing facility, providing complete “in-house” manufacturing and control over your projects. With skilled and experienced personnel, we can ensure your equipment’s quality and timely delivery. Each piece of equipment is built and tested on the production floor, providing a smooth implementation at your site. 

E.E: What’s the news about new products?

GRANCO CLARK: Granco Clark continually improves equipment to exceed the demands of the industry, better performance for our customers to benefit from, and better ROI for customers from having optimal performance with standard Remote diagnostics. 

The most recent is our All-New hydraulic free equipment, All electric equipment.

E.E: What are the ranges of products?

GRANCO CLARK:  GRANCO CLARK produces all required equipment to heat, cool, pull, stretch, cut, stack, age, and store aluminum extrusions. Providing services from planning, custom designing, executing, and providing solutions, robust equipment, service, and spare parts.

E.E: At what stage is the market where you are currently active?

GRANCO CLARK: We are active in all stages of the market, from planning, custom designing, executing, and providing solutions to robust equipment, service, and spare parts. 

E.E: What can you tell us about market trends?

GRANCO CLARK: Aluminum is being increasingly used in a wide variety of applications. It’s used in architecture, automotive, aerospace, and everyday items. It’s strong, lightweight, corrosion-resistant and extremely durable. Aluminum is easily recycled.

E.E: What are the most innovative products marketed?

GRANCO CLARK:  Hot-jet Billet/Log Furnace. We invented the flame-impingement furnace, the tunnel furnace, and the jet preheat furnace. Hundreds of manufacturing plants around the world have GRANCO CLARK furnaces, some more than 30 years old and still on the job.

When we introduced our direct flame-impingement concept over 50 years ago, we set a new standard in the extrusion industry. That design has continued to evolve, most notably by the addition of an energy-saving “hot-jet” preheat section. It is still the fastest, most energy-efficient way to heat billets and logs. 

GRANCO CLARK FusionBond® reliably eliminates two-piece billets and the problems that can slow down your line, e.g., unusable profiles. The gaps and inconsistencies caused by alignment issues where the two pieces meet can be eliminated. Spot welding will not eliminate gaps and oxidation, and the welds often break during transport to the furnace. The FusionBond® produces a full-face stronger bond compared to multi-point welds.

Automated Profile Handling. Dents, scratches, chill marks. These are the consequences of outdated conveyors and walking beam systems that can damage profiles, increase scrap, and increase operating costs. Delivering a perfect product isn’t just a lofty goal. It’s what our customers deserve. 

And that’s the biggest reason for investing in GRANCO CLARK’s automated profile-handling equipment. 

With its superior degree of automation, our handling equipment will help you achieve maximum throughput. It will improve the overall surface quality of your product and reduce labor costs, scrap, physical effort, and downtime. Your equipment is built to last and to be serviced and repaired quickly.

High-pressure Spray Quench. GRANCO CLARK’s High Impact Velocity Quench provides the maximum heat transfer available in a profile quench. Unlike flood quenches, the High Impact Velocity Quench penetrates the steam barrier surrounding the profile and puts water droplets directly on the aluminum. More importantly, the GRANCO CLARK High Impact Velocity Quench provides adjustability for a gain in profile quality.

Taper Quench. Isothermal extrusion—maintaining a constant exit temperature over the entire extrusion cycle is the overriding benefit of the Billet Taper Quench. It allows maximum extrusion speed for a given alloy profile and press tonnage. It also eliminates variations in dimension and structure along the length of the extruded product.

Cut on the fly Double puller. GRANCO CLARK Double Puller features two puller heads on the same track, allowing it to seek the weld mark and cut profiles on the fly. This allows it to meet short press dead-cycle times.

Fully automated stretcher. GRANCO CLARK Stretchers deliver precise, accurate stretching, which enhances profile quality and keeps scrap to a minimum. When used in conjunction with our belt systems, our Stretchers straighten and batch profiles for efficient downstream operations, increasing throughput as well.

GRANCO CLARK Stretchers accommodate a broad range of requirements. Our Stretchers are available in cam-style, diagonal “uni-slide,” and controlled vertical crush jaw designs. One, two, or no-man operational modes offer labor savings and give you the flexibility you need to meet operational challenges. 

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E.E: What estimations do you have for 2023?

GRANCO CLARK: Granco Clark continues to grow, custom designs, and manufactures all equipment, before and after the press, for the aluminum extruders in the industry.

As the market continues to focus on reusable, lightweight metals, and the demand for aluminum to be used, we believe the industry will continue to grow. Granco Clark, being an industry pioneer, will be on the front lines helping extruders perform at their optimal production.