With the 24V drive for its TB40 belt conveyor, Montech ensures the necessary safety at the airport – and more: This powerful motor is also energy-efficient and significantly reduces energy costs. 

As central hubs in global travel, airports are committed to security. With strict security measures, state-of-the-art technology, and well-trained staff, they ensure the protection of passengers, aircraft, and facilities worldwide. The security measures range from strict passenger and baggage controls to advanced surveillance systems to ensure the highest level of security and smooth running of air traffic. For its TB40 belt conveyors, which are especially suitable for airport operations, Montech AG therefore relies on drives that not only offer safety, but also efficiency. 

24V motor in accordance with low-voltage guidelines 

This Swiss company specializes in the industrialization and standardization of state-of-the-art, unusual belt conveyors, transfer systems, and innovative aluminum framing systems. For its TB40 belt conveyor, which is frequently used in airport operations, it uses a 24V motor that meets the low-voltage guidelines. At DC voltages of 24V, no additional protection against contact is required, as these are considered safe for adults, children, and animals. Therefore, it is no problem to comply with the different country-specific regulations for issuing the system certificate and declaration of conformity. 

Compact drive

The patented drive unit, which integrates the 24V motor in the drive roller, allows a compact design of the belt conveyor without protruding contours or increased overall height. For the bag drop and security checks, this offers many advantages, such as greater comfort; the bags don’t need to be lifted as high. Incidentally, the TB40 belt conveyor has a remarkably low overall height. At just 80 mm, it sets itself apart from other belt conveyors on the market. 

Reduced energy costs

In addition to safety and comfort, the TB40 belt conveyor’s 24V motor has even more to offer: It allows the transport of luggage weighing up to 200 kg and is also optimized for efficiency. According to directive (EU) 2019/1781 implementing the eco-design directive 2009/125/EC, the 24V motor is up to 25% more efficient than the minimum efficiency class IE2 requirements for mains-powered electric motors. Even compared to the highest efficiency class IE5, Montech’s belt conveyors are up to 10% more efficient, which contributes to valuable cost savings at airports in the long run.