Greenlam is among the world’s top 3, Asia’s largest and India’s No. 1 surfacing solutions brand. With its presence in over 100 countries, Greenlam has focused on developing quality products with great passion for innovation.

Interview with Dott. Giovanni Iurza, Ceo of Greenlam Decolan SA.

Easy Engineering: A brief description of the company and its activities. 

Giovanni Iurza: An innovative leadership in the “Green” decorative surfaces industry. 

The success story of Greenlam Decolan SA and its leadership in the European Market of Sustainable and high quality decorative surfaces. 

The success story of Greenlam Decolan SA and its leadership in the European Market takes origin in the foresight and strategic acumen of Giovanni Iurza who founded the business 25 years ago, in 1999, with Company Decolan in Partnership with a small Indian company.

At that time the production of HPL in India was in its infancy, but with great potential, due to various competitive advantages, and a great desire to grow. 

The beginning of the business was very difficult due to the big gap of knowledge and technology between Europe and India, and different culture and approach with the quality. 

Initially all the efforts were focused to align the technology, the quality expectations of the customers with the actual possibilities of our production. 

Nevertheless, in consideration of the long experience in the field, and the deep knowledge of the market, we had a rapid development of sales, followed by increasing of production capacity, enabling these laminates to gain significant traction in Europe. 

During these years the business swiftly emerged as a pioneer in importing and distributing decorative surfaces from India, establishing itself as a credible alternative to European products. 

In 2019, Decolan underwent official integration into the multinational conglomerate Greenlam Industries, transitioning into a subsidiary that spearheaded the European market under the new name, Greenlam Decolan SA. This significant transition enabled the company to capitalize on substantial synergies and tap into the vast potential afforded by being part of a large and dynamic industrial group. Today, Greenlam Decolan SA stands as a market leader in the European HPL laminate sector. Guided by CEO Giovanni Iurza, the company strategically utilizes the advantages of its Swiss hub to explore endless opportunities within the European market. Headquartered in Chiasso, with logistics centers in Lombardia, Greenlam Decolan SA continues to thrive and innovate in its industry. 

E.E: What are the main areas of activity of the company? 

G.I: A closer examination of Greenlam Industries’ production landscape underscores its position as a global leader in eco-sustainable decorative surfaces. As the largest producer of HPL laminate in Asia, the company is poised to ascend to the second position worldwide, driven by ongoing investments and a steadfast commitment to innovation. Greenlam Industries has experienced remarkable growth over its journey, marked by expansion in both scale and technological advancements. With four state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities strategically located across India, the company offers a diverse array of products tailored to various sectors. Greenlam Industries boasts an extensive portfolio of eco-sustainable, antibacterial, and anti- fingerprint decorative surfaces, and provides solutions for kitchen surfaces, exterior cladding for buildings, as well as specialized applications in the automotive and marine industries. This comprehensive product range reflects the company’s dedication to delivering quality, sustainability, and innovation across diverse market segments. 

E.E: What’s the news about new products/services? 

G.I: First and foremost, it’s imperative for us to convey that all our products, not just our latest offerings, hold the highest certifications. They are certified as antibacterial and antivirus, along with being NSF approved for food contact, as standard. Our commitment to environmental sustainability is further underscored by an array of additional certifications, bolstering customer trust in our products. These certifications include FSC, PEFC, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 9001, CE, Greenlabel, Greenguard, and EPD. We allocate significant resources to research and development to continually improve the performance of our production cycle. We prioritize the use of FSC-certified kraft and decorative papers sourced from traceable and sustainably managed forests. Moreover, we’ve implemented cutting-edge technologies to minimize our environmental footprint, including measures to limit water and energy consumption. Remarkably, we recover 85% of wastewater generated during production. Through unwavering dedication to environmental stewardship and innovation, we demonstrate that achieving product excellence is not at odds with preserving the health of our planet. Finally, we take immense pride in our SEDEX certification for Ethical Trade Initiatives, affirming our commitment to ethical business practices. 

E.E: What are the ranges of products/services? 

G.I: Greenlam-Decolan SA offers a diverse range of products, featuring cutting edge designs of last generation, sizes, colors, and technical attributes. These products cater to a broad spectrum of applications within the construction, architecture, and design industry, as well as in healthcare facilities and research laboratories, where safety, sustainability, and aesthetics are of utmost importance, our laminates find their niche due to their antibacterial and antiviral features. At the same time, for hospitality and wellness establishments like hotels, restaurants, and wellness centers, they effortlessly combine contemporary elegance and style with functionality, ease of maintenance, and long-lasting durability. Educational institutions and corporate spaces, and public spaces, and Cruise Ships interiors, benefit from the versatility and safety features of Greenlam laminates, fully certified. They contribute to creating vibrant and welcoming environments, offering comfort, brightness, and freshness to spaces such as schools, office, meeting rooms, dining halls, and offices. For buildings and constructions, Greenlam Clads are the perfect choice due to their durability, fire retardant property BS1-D0 , and high resistance to weather conditions and UV . 

E.E: What is the state of the market where you are currently active? 

G.I: Greenlam Industries export its production over more than 104 Countries. As Greenlam Decolan, we act as subsidiary in Europe. 

As a leading HPL manufacturer, we’ve innovated marketing strategies and diversified our business and that gave us a plus over our competitors. Despite fierce competition, our product is increasingly recognized as a viable alternative in the European market.

E.E: What can you tell us about market trends? 

G.I: In recent years, there has been a notable shift in trends within the realms of facade design and interior design industry, driven by evolving consumer preferences, technological advancements, and sustainability considerations. In the construction field for instance, architects and developers are increasingly exploring innovative materials and techniques to create visually striking yet functional exteriors. Our commitment to eco-sustainability is deeply ingrained in our proactive response to European regulations, which impose limits on formaldehyde use to 124 μg/cubic meter. Beyond compliance, we’ve embraced a comprehensive environmental policy for years, recognizing that sustainable practices are not just about preserving the planet but also ensuring our company’s long-term viability. We prioritize ensuring the complete non-toxicity of all HPL laminates, striving to minimize any impact on consumers or the environment.

Rigorous testing of production components is standard practice, with melamine and phenolic resins predominantly sourced from natural, plant-based materials. This commitment results in a solvent-free final product, earning Greenlam significant international certifications such as GREENGUARD®, NSF®, and EN 16516. 

E.E: What are the most innovative products/services marketed? 

G.I: On regular basis as a practice, we are updating the technology of our products and launching groundbreaking products. Our AFX, anti-fingerprint ultra matt laminates, produced with nano technology, are at cutting edge of the technology and quality in the sector. Our STRATUS collection is a comprehensive line tailored for kitchen surfaces which has been warmly welcomed by the kitchen industry due to its contemporary aesthetics, practical functionality, and superior quality. And for exterior facades, our flagship product, CLADS, sets new standards in sustainability. Crafted with special treatments to endure external weather conditions, it’s engineered with GLE technology for impeccable performance on residential, commercial, and public spaces. From impact resistance to superior heat resistance and ecological credentials, CLADS is the epitome of durability and eco-friendliness, boasting certifications including Greenguard, FSC, and Green Label. 

Recently, in response to growing demand, we launched 2 new compact sizes (mm 4200×1320 and mm 4320×1840), opening doors to markets previously beyond our reach. 

E.E: What estimations do you have for 2024? 

G.I: For the global economy, the foreseen growth prospects for 2024 appear to be slowing. However, the European market for sustainable and green Decorative Surfaces will experience a minor slowdown, in comparison with other sectors, due to factors like urbanization, renovation projects, and evolving design preferences. 

Architects, interior designers, and construction professionals increasingly favor GREENLAM sustainable and green decorative surfaces for its versatility, durability, and aesthetic appeal, hygiene, and certifications. 

In consideration of our dynamism and diversification, but also the high quality of our products, the competitiveness of our business model, and great care and attention in providing new solutions to our customers, we are proving our ability to develop the business despite challenging times.